War Clipping from Indianapolis Indiana Jewish Post, Fri, Mar 6, 1953.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Indiana Jewish Post, March 6, 1953

'Utter Nonsense,' Says G-l oi Bias ChargesFRANKFURT, Germany -U.S. Army intelligence officials described last week as “utter nonsense charges that it is eliminating Jews from intelligence posts in Germany. *The charge was made by Michael Rothkrug, a Jewish person on trial for unauthorized possession of secret documents. |Rothkrug had said that ’‘there is an obvious U.S. policy of easing Jews out of the intelligence service. The Army apparently feels that a Jew is likely to be a Communist, so it tries to reduce the risk by getting rid of them.‘This policy first became apparent about two years ago/' Rithkrug added.ST. ronsCENTER OF DOWNTOWNST. LOUISCOCKTAIL LOUNGE COFFEE GRILL 300 ROOMS • 300 BATHS AIR CONDITIONED RAT IS FROM *3.50 OfMOTHDeSOTOllth and Locust Sts.SLcICEntral 8750