Sports Clipping from Indianapolis Times, Wed, Sep 25, 1935.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Times, September 25, 1935

Gave My Best, but Joe Louis Is Greatest Two-FiI Fighter I Ever Met, Max Baer DeclaresBY MAX BALK(Copyright, IMS. by King Features Syndicate. Inc.)NEW YORK, Sept. 25.—For a great many years I kept off the floors of the prize ring. Last nightwhen I sprawled on my tights for the first time in my career, it becamesomething of a habit and, in the fourth, when Joe Louis clouted me with four or five anvils. I went down and stayed there long enough, probably. to end my ring career.Joe Louis is by far the greatest two-fisted fighter I ever me*, andI've taken on all the best tnroughfive big league years.And I say that, regardless of the fact that those five wild years of mine, when I sneered at the laws of common sense and ignored every sensible bit of advice given me—was the smartest of smart guys youknow—snapped my energies so that I was a sucker for Jimmy Braddock in June and just another punching bag for Joe Louis last night.I never felt in better shape for a battle than last night. I was certainI 25 Year* in frame I.option |*Famous For Steaks and Good FoodCharley’s Restaurant144 E. Ohio St.■OUTLETSHOE STORESwow.F.. Washington *«.250 E. Washington St STORES 208 W. Washington St.I could take all that Joe Louis could hand out and go and punch him to sleep. But the first round was hardly a minute old before I knew that I was just a hollow shell. The question of winning then resolved itself into whether I could hammerout Louis before he could break me down and win as he pleased.Louis furnished the answer himself. He shook off my short rally, took all I had to give, nailed me with lefts and rights and was playing a tattoo at the bell.In the second, I was growing plenty worse. I couldn't keep myhands up and Joe just couldn’t keephis hands off my face. He kept hitting me with everything but his undershirt and the reason he didn’t do that was that he left it in the dressing room. r'I finished up the second with a little rally, but all it seemed to do was to get Louis mad at me and heopened up in the third, doing a little foul fighting. By that, I mean, must have been using all eight at the same time. I never saw so many punches, never took so many in any half dozen rounds in my life.I fell al apart in that round, or maybe I should say Louis knocked me all apart. A flurry of Joe's punches sent me to the resin and I took nine.” Joe came in with everything he had. I had nothing— and you know the answer.I finished the third on the floor. The fourth—well, I gave the best I had. which wasn’t enough by a million miles. The beating Joe Louishad given me had made my head woozy, my feet full of lead and made my arms wean’. Joe kept on top of me, battering and banging, as 85,r70 person could see and enjoya slaughter and at the end of 2minutes and 50 seconds of thefourth round, I went down. I tried to get up off my knees, but my legs seemed paralyzed.Joe Louis was too much for me— as he was last night. He might hav* been better than I was the best day I knew\ He's a great, great fighter,folks, and if he’ll listen to me and stay at home playing the radio, he’ll be*a headliner for the next eight or nine years.He’s good enough to become the standard by which all other heavies are soon to be judged and I know of no higher compliment I could pay him.Baseball StandingsAMERICAN LEAGUEDetroit •• New York Cleveland Boston .St. LouisSt LouisNew YorkPittsburghCincinnati• • • •Won.Lost.Pet... 9254.63059.596. 7870.52774.50776.483. 6683.44384.42989.386lL LEAGUEWon.Lost.Pet.9752.651.. 9455.631. 8958.605. 8566.563. 6784.444. 6683.44387.42036113.242♦ First Game!Boston ............. 100 100 010— 3 8 2Brooklyn ........... 301 001 OOx— 5 9 1Brown. Blanche and Spohrer, Mueller; Babich and Lopez.(Second Game; 11 Innings)Boston .......... 010 001 003 00— 5 9 1Brooklyn ........ 000 130 100 01— 6 18 4Betts. Blanche. R. Smith and Mueller, Spohrer; Reis and J. Taylor.Chicago and Cincinnati; not scheduled.AMERICAN LEAGUE(Plrst Game*St. Louis ........... 200 000 00101Results YesterdayNATIONAL LEAGUEPittsburgh ......... 002 000 000— 2 2 3St. Louis .......... 302 130 02x—11 11 0Lucas. Birkofer. Brown and Padden; Hallahan and Be Lancey.• 3 11Chicago ............ 000 000 000— 0 3Knott and Hemsley: Tietje and Shea.(Second GamelSt. Louis ........... 100 020 012— 8 6Chicago ............ 000 210 000— 3 10Waikup and Heath; Kennedy and SewelL10(First Game)Philadelphia ........ 000 000 000— 0 0 2New York ......... 114 000 OOx— 6 12 0Da via, Prim and Todd; Smith and Man-CUM.(Second Game)(First Game)Philadelphia ........ 000 000 002— 2 6 0Boston .............. 001 100 15x— 8 9 1Eaves. Doyle and Richards; Grove and R. FerreU.(Second Game)Philadelphia ........ 200 002 001— 5 13 3Boston ............. 500 000 lOx— 6 8 1Fink. Lieber and Richards; Rhodes. Wal-berg and Dockey.Philadelphia New York• • • • •• •100 001 310— 6 12 7 120 001-Bowman. Jorgem. Btvtn, Muicahy and Wilson; Stout, Cattleman, Gabler and Banning.Detroit ............. 011 300 020— 7 9 2Cleveland ........... 300 210 35x—14 15 2Crowder. Lawson and Hayworth; Hudlin. Hildebrand and Phillips.New York ----*.... 053 202 002—14 16 2.Washington 010 000 00*— 6 9 Z| Broaca. De Shong and Glenn; Hadley, Rogers and Itelton.