Sports Clipping from Indianapolis News, Thu, Sep 3, 1896.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, September 3, 1896

TAYLOR BREAKS RECORDS.HIS FAST WO UK AT THE CAPITA!CITY TRACK.laafer'tTlnif Lowered 8 1-3 Second* -*d'!flh of n Mile Record Lowered • — Snmmnrlfn of the ('outests— Xcw« of the Other l.ldere.There were son^e sensstlonal Incident* to connection with the second race' meet Sf the Capital City track last night, and ray lor, the colored rider, covered himself with glory. The boy has been East for peveral year*, and returned here some months ago. He has been doing some fast ftxhibitlon work, but ha* not been errte ed In any races. After the first mtedng of the club, when Sanger went hi* mile H*aJn«t time, paced, Taylor said that he thought he could beat the record if the directors would permit him to make the attempt. He did so last night, and. much !o the surprise of his friends, chipped 8 1-5Seconds off of the time made by Old wooden Shoea.7 placing the track record it 2:111-6. He was paced by a tandem, |rd all the way round, until he swung Into the open, he was yelling to his pacemakers to Go on. Put on more steam. fho boys on the big machine were doingTailor breaking the recordIhelr best, but right behind them, with tcarcely six inches separating the wheels, lance Taylor, bending low? over handlebars and riding for dear life. On the la*t tap he swung clear of the pacemakers and bade a sprint for the tape, going the la^t lap‘In much faster time than any of the fther four. He orossed the tape like he tad fcien shot out of a gun, and when It eras announced that the colored boy had beaten Sanger's time 81-6 seconds the crowd gave an enthusiastic cheer.Just to show what he could do, Taylor same out ok the track later In the evening and did a fifth of a mile unpaced. He rode -around the track twice to get to go-hg properly, and then took the word. The trowd grew enthusiastic, for It was seenthat the wiy he was riding he would lome close to the fifth of a mile record on I five-lap track. The time - keepers compared watches, and It was found th*t the boy had made a record of tS 8-6 second*, beating the record made In Europe this spring by Macdonald, on the famous iuris track 2-5 of a second, fay lor said last night that he thought with proper pacing, and himself la condition, he couli go a mile on tfce track In two minutes. Hj will try for a two-min-ale mark at the next meeting. His work was well received hist night, and the boy was heartily cheered when he beat Mac-tonald's time.