19500902 Oxnard Press-Courier Jackie Newman Softball Pitching Phenom

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, September 2, 1950

SATURDAY, SFPTFMBCR 2, 1950*1 Urn Out!WITH HAL TOTTEN.laekie Xcwman i- a modest young chap who shrubs off his feats on the softhall field as though he were just luekv.Ask him how mam nohittersho ha- pitched and he can’t tellyou. lie jut doesn't lothcr to keep track. I tut the truth is. he h;c ,) i ecorn behind him that can't be matched l\ verv manv%• vlh\car olds. This vcar he chuck-*cd at least throe of the rate nohit. no-run game- and an even Narger number of one-hit a n dtwo-hit gameitching careerI ac kilt;lt I lt;* t r ns baclit1 \o a a * iii mu thawas infit t h1 roiii oft haili talc*;nt mlot 11 A lt;i v »*I\ \ • i V h II 1.1A C‘to| Mil( *' i t f J! \\ i ) (’hiu n |) i lt;ylt;i« i r —the .1w hirh .i.! (* R ! (*lt;)xnai lt;lMeretwo lt;) f .1ac kiiarc11 JnV«oa;,-! \(* \\ milalmo-t( *Init he think-’.Mini* I H ! i *hent iHliKI! h 11:11I I(‘ ( f HIK'Ssi) he jjj#‘t natut a 11\.father, i atriagedlt; thisnil in teami i hip anior Ontirnistonnettewhichter piny. 'I'hi*rlt; k(I MarIhif hark to i Him^ .Inckie. ihi I Kirn Nov 25. 1033 in Heven\ (Ml1 I iiIk*m '-mi■ m*f 1I m t )\n- I i i * Iih thimajorul hisfall; h ! thandmg juni r h footballftthe Iin soft1hW--M! *feetilt; it (if t hiillBaron Rallies To Beat BeckerIn El Rio MainThings were going great for llobby Meeker at El Kilt; Stadium la.-t night, and it seemed he was about to win the main event over Huron Michele Leone when he rammed his head into a turn* buckle.I’oor Hobbv' The Huron imme-• ■diatch jarred him with a couple of -nap mares and then a body slam to take the deciding fall.The Huron had earlier taken the fir-t fall with a neckbrcak-er. miii Decker the -eeond wi111 an elbow smash and a bodypress.Semi-finalists .limmv Lott and*Frank .lares went the limit to a draw. .lares scored first with knee lilt and a body pro -s. 1 -ott then pinned brother Flank fora t hi ec count but w 1! Ii the aid of trie ropes. The paying-fans putup sm h a ipiawk that Kef Pappy I! »yington reversed his deei-.-ion and Lott had tofall legitimately with% ■t w i-t\1 (Jalento and Don Arnold (jiiaic I oft in the -pccial event, hut (!alentc) -pent more timefighting ringside fans than Arnold. o Happ\ i ounted him out. (hico (Jracia won the openerfi m Hob (’orbv with a series oft. r man' and i bod\ nress.win the a neckMerchants to PlayBrowns Tomorrow’I’he Oxnard Merc hants will en-’»•!', in the Ventura Hrowns at (iuadalupe Eield at 2d tomorrow afternoon.r Merehar.ts have defeated Hrowns three time- n pre-- oc a-iorm hut are expeet-umi' trouble tomorrow as Hrowns have been strengthened at all positions.Hitching for the Merchants will Ik .Marlin Villegas or Ar-m.ii'd K lt;alante. Villegas pitch-c ; a brilliant w in o\ cr tvH* (’am-Merchant- -ovcral weeksariheion«hf»(it ii#1i[ a « t o a C jf~1 f i I Y I 4;i hi1 i i ill V 4ik in tho oanTlu* c\|l\| wa n ( o *4 i \ o s \[ i»■ i j* on n h;ill, he exploit »III 1 ilt;*I»% 1 irea*■ ^ V#t , » « 1 i i t h * j . . .4*1 VI lilt ^ I II* ! 6 V 1 % V I » ■ I “lot c Ho v.ini^his |»itches# . |i \ f■ -■* A.--•1 -■ ■ ♦ l g » 1 -k. I - # MW w I - * ATilt. 111«i T t (MMt ] 4 I « J , ft |L;-' ’ 15* *'^1i,, i % , ai * \ I Hi lit1.i |f 1 ‘J : Jt- I1* 1 -..y ■ wL j111UM % '-Mi: 1 X I « 4,/ ^ .J§‘ a. a t |- | i -1 11 * i u ^\\ it u piont\A *.4 • bion wit1 1 4 ML | f |* j I*1 ui 1 k i m t||up hotnigin lt;ffor)\V lt;inpand Iv*’ft *.- fanned ar*lt;o]• ih* a‘\ ('! bib *a n % vv Ik're f i*c1l *noi%i Ii thlackii t nitM 1 k t lt;still ha I i 11 ‘hi njyl!50 -iin* »it fi M( «name!mm1 ITmM 1! 1MHum( lt;nli*?plavotti!ml forKuimuYardsA hoakh t at( *ann* fir-ttranioHe'll»mnc*\tt( »mpioidetermine the 111 • ■mint \ a!lev14 *He* ikeep vour lt;*ves on this ho\ p’diiahlx the in st promi-Golfers Tee OffIn Calcutta PlayOvct 100 golfer- were tiled to open plav today in . initial ('alc utta tout nanient at Saticov Oountiv Club.There w ill be J holes of medal 1-1, \ n handicap lasting throughMt mdav.diedHrinn; FIXES Til I NOSHRWFORI). Fla lt;UR — \twin-engine Navy plane crash-landed here1 and a dog caused the only injury to the1 fliers in-volved in the' accident. Ensign Stanley Hcn/ler-on bailed outaid ’.aided unhurt in a tree A dog bit him on both legs when he climbed to the ground.mgtinyoung softhall pitcher in *-o parts since Dave Henry fir-t appeared on the1 horizonback m the earlv MOs.t(f(t1