Sports Clipping from Indianapolis News, Sat, Oct 22, 1898.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, October 22, 1898

Y. M. C. A. Basket Ball.The basket-ball season will open at the Y. M. C. A- next Monday evening, when the Colts and the Vets line-up In the new gymnasium. These teams are composed of the players who represented the association in their match games last season, as well as some of the pioneers of bsket-ba^, who have come back to coach the newer men. These teams will furnish the material for the representative team this year, which will play out-of-town teams from Cincinnati, St. Louis, Chicago and Milwaukee, as well as the various Y. M. C. A. teams in Indiana. The make-up of the teams if as follows: Vets—Frank Hester, captain and guard; John Pritchard, guard; Ora Pierson and Ed Bishop, forwards; W. E. Hardin, center. Colts—Charles Pierson, center;Charles Kyse and Henry Fleming, forwards; Hob Neighbors and GeorgePurves, guards; Cnarles Bates, substitute.Frank Hester. Captain of the vets, is one of the oldest players in the association, and occupied the position of guara in last year’s team, where he was supported by George Purves, who wUl play his old position on the Cdlts this year. John Pritchard, who was compelled to retire last year, on account of shght Injuries, Is now in the field again. Or«*Pierson, who was captain of last year's team, will be assisted by Ed Bishop,which will make a strong team of forwards.W. E. Hardin, captain of last year’sYellows, and manager of the representative *eam. will nlay center for the Vets.Charles Pier*op, said to be one of the best centers in the country, will occupy Ms old position for the Colts. Henry Fleming, the crack goal-thrower of the cbsociation, will play forward with Charles Kyse, who also has a reputation flt;r making goals. Hob Neighbors, who captained the Single Men’s team in its recent victories, will play guard.Charles Bates, who is an all-around athlete, playing center on the Indianapolis Training School football team, and better known on the cycle track, is a promising basketball player, and will substitute on the Colts. -In addition to the game Monday evening an orchestra has been engaged and a wrestling contest will be put on between the halves. The match will be between a member of the Twenty-eighth Battery, of Ft. Wayne, and an association wrestler.