Indianapolis Times Newspaper Archives October 2, 1933 Page 10

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Times, October 2, 1933

THAT 1905 series was strictly a pitchers’ combat, the huriers dominating in each contest of the five played. All conflicts were shutouts, Matthewson scoring three for the Giants and Joe McGinnity one. Joe won the fourth game, 1 to 0. The Athletics captured the second battle of the classic, 3 to 0, with Chief Bender on the mound. The losing pitchers were McGinnity, of the Giants, to Bender, in the second skirmish. Plank, twice, Andy Coakley, and Bender in the final game. Top honors, of course, went to Mathewson, with three victories and no defeats and twenty-seven innings of pitching without allowing his opponents a single run. He fanned nineteen and issued one walk in three games. He had one wild pitch and hit one batter and gave up only fourteen hits.a tt a a tt «