CJ Cadwell - Dave Lewis - AA Cadwell Indianapolis News MAy 22 1916

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, May 22, 1916

THREE COMEDIANS OF RACING GAME• - lt;•' Ar,■ * •0 • v‘lt; - _- .£■^ »V,* ' ^ i» , . , % ,’,, t.iP*Here are the three comedians of the race game and, It might Vie said, three as popular fellows as ever lived. The man with the overgrown stop watch hanging to him Is C. J. Cad well, of Los Angeles. Doc Cfcddy, as he is known to thousands of race followers, is the carburetor expert of the Miller Carburetor Company, of Los Angeles. The man in the center is Dave Lewis, a well known race driver, who will pilot one of the Crawford cars in the race. May 30. The man on the right with his sleeve rolled up is A. A. Cadwell, the famous moving picture camera man, who is known the world over for his daring feats while turning the crank on the picture machines. He was the man who photographed the “Yellowr Ticket” and “The Birth of a Nation.” He is no relative to Doctor Caddy.