Sports Clipping from Indianapolis News, Thu, Mar 22, 1900.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, March 22, 1900

*ot I sal llJ HARRY COLLIS. tri rk .____fitln- \ . .an;in ous, and he also won the second, which salno was with John Brett, the Tuxedo Club ms*o- instructor. He was defeated in hisot match with Stewart Gardner, wrho is aMe uThe Outlook for Golf. FaThe outlook for golf in Indianapolis J/Jfa is very good, I think, said Mr. Collis to- to iei day. “Of course, it is comparatively ait new sport in this part of the country. 1Ir. but it already has a number of follow- thi t0 era, and from present indications a num- awF ber of good players will be developed ofq on the Country Club links. I have not had na er much opportunity of seeing them play, but they have the enthusiasm, and that is half In making a successful golfer. lt;;Many of the members have visited the thilinks, this week, and have already be- angun to play. Indianapolis is slightly be- thile htnd the other Western cities In golf, Hebut It will not take long to catch up. haSeveral Improvements will be made in tohe the Country Club links, under Mr. Col- tlrUs' supervision, and after they are com- tin,r. pleted it Is expected that the links will mehe compare favorably with those In any to)t_ other Western city. Six bunkers will be ovlt;0# added to the course to relieve the level W1,{ft ground, which has heretofore prevented'r scientific playing. Mr. Collis went over jniw the grounds yesterday morning, and sug-gested the changes, which will be made. ril It Is the intention to have all grounds, e- which are now in bad shape, entirely fin-n- ished by the time the season begins In H. April. The heavy rolling machines will er begin work on the links immediately.£ American and Xngllah Golf. Rrof In speaking of American golf, as com* ^•« pared with that played in England and frcScotland, Mr. Collis said: ed:X The game is played in a more skillful E manner In England and 8cotland than 1* In this country, but that Is to be expected Rc I * on account of its long standing popular-J lty In those countries. The Black Heath . ~ Club, where I learned, is tha oldest golf club in England. It has been established **• over one hundred years, and has a large e membership. bei“ Stuart Gardner,’' he continued, al- dolt;* though practically unknown now. Is go- wa LL Ing to surprise some of the golfers Inthe open professional championships at \ Chicago, In which he is entered. He Is the man who defeated me. and I never ,* played with or watched a more promls- Mi ing player. He has a long drive I and plays a very scientific game. Even thi l“n if he does not win the championship, he * i will certainly be up among the first.0