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17 Jul 1934, Ames, Iowa, USA

Clipped from US, Iowa, Ames, Ames Daily Tribune Times, July 17, 1934

Bh HarryDj H AkkYGraysonpROVER CLEVELAND ALEX-^T ANDER blames (he automobile and the movfes for the unmistakable decline In baseball.There's no getting away from the fact that the kids aren't playing the game as much as they used to,” the renowned pitcher told me when I bumped Into him and his hairy Housa of David team at Erie, Pa , the other nightAlexander's report, after four years of touring, from coast to coast and from Canada to the gulf, reveals why major league clubs cannot obtain suitable athletes from the minors for love or money.Too many amusements and too convenient transportation.” went on old Pete When I was a boy at St Paul, Neb. there was no way of jumping over to the next town to tee what was going on there You had to stay put, and we played baseball because we liked to”While Alexander does not believe Young Americas turning away from the sport ever w-j]] affect the big show as it has the minors, be fears that the standard of play never again will be aa high as it was during hia 20-year stay tn theNational League.* 0 *Didrikson for AlexanderALEXANDER rather enjoys his **■ long bus ride each season with a team allegedly representing the religious colony at Benton Harbor. Mich There are two of these squads booked by Ray Doan, of Muscatine, la. Alexander is the show window of the eastern division this term. He haa company in Earl Smith, the former Pittsburgh, New York and St. Louis catcher.Old Pete was the star of the far western outfit a year ago, abd Babe Didrikson, the women's Olympic star, being signed to replace him in the spring, illustrates to what extent promoters have to go now-adaya to drag the customers through the baseball turnstiles.Babe Didrikson and mules,” remarked Alex Donkey baseball is played as a sideshow to the House of David games.Alexander, Smith, and a shortstop named Moulder are the only members of the eastern array not decorated with the regulation House of David chin adornment *1 couldn't wear those whiskers ” said Alex. I didn't need whiskers when I was good ”Alexander, now 4T. believes he still could win in a AA league On my control alone. he ex plained, and 1 can pour that old convince; through there now and then ”» # *Hi» Biggest MomentALEXANDER recently saw his -*• first major league game in two years when he dropped into Navin Field, Detroit, to see his old friend, Rogera Hornsby He s a great admirer of the boss of the Browntr.The only time 1 didn't get along with Rog was when I pitched to him,”«he beamed.It was Hornsby who gave him the office to take that long and highly dramatic shuffle across the field, with the bases loaded In the seventh inning of the final world series game between the Yankees and Cardinals lu 1926.As you might suspect. Alex lists his striking out. Tony Lazzeri in that setup as his greatest thrill.