Sports Clipping from Indianapolis News, Fri, Jan 25, 1901.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, January 25, 1901

PLAYED A TIEButler Girls’ Basketball Teams in j * an Exciting Game.The young women of Butler College took possession of the gymnasium last night, and the two basketball teams, called the Whites and Dorms, played to tie, the score being 10 to 10, They were ] so evenly matched that the game wasI exciting throughout. It was the first time this year that the young men of lt;the college or Irvington residents have had a chance to see the young women play, and the announcement that the i gam*' last night would be open to the 1 public, caused the Butler gymnasium to • be well tilled, Each aide had Its sup-; porters, and the cheering began long j to i before the game was called.At 3) the girl athletes apj*eared. and *were soon in action. From that time on the yelling of the students on the side line* scarcely ceased, and the young women in. the game were so inspired by the j *cheering that nothing but the blowing of j cthe umpire's whistle could stop them, toFouls were numerous, and bumps were $ frequent. The players were so rnthusiaa- j to tic that their chief impulse was to keep with the ball, and this they managed pretty well to do Of course-, there was considerable wedging and holding, but suchthings made the struggle all the more interesting for the spectators. It was the I b j jKdlicst evening the students have hadI ihta roar. j 1hrtcrorp lt;a.** 9 3 a » p *