Sports Clipping from Indianapolis News, Sat, Jan 19, 1901.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, January 19, 1901

SEASON BPENS JG-KIGHTCHAMPIONSHIP GAMES OF BASKETBALL LEAGUE.{ The Four Teams in Good Shape for the Start—Big Match Next * Tuesday Night.The *-bampicnship season of the Indianapolis Banket ball League open* tonight with two game* In the T. M. C. A. gymnasium The contesting team* will the Butler and Shortridge High School team* and the Y. M. C. A. and M. T. H. 8. Ares. When It is conceded that tberegular Y. M. C. A. team I* sure of first place the other three club* are evenly matched, and It Is not unlikely that their •tanking at the close of the *ea«*on willdepend largely on the showing whicn they make again ft ths Y. M. C. A. five. The M. T. H. 8. team Is somewhat handicapped In not having played' a* many game* as the other teams, but the youhg men from the South Bide school are expected to miik- a strong finish.The Butler men have been putting In several night* a week In rigorous practice since the league was formed ?».nd while they are still deficient In team work they are strong In Individual players The Shortridge High School team ha* been practicing steadily for two months and the players are in excellent condition for fast work. They slumped badly, however, In their game Thursday night with Craw fords vlile and made the poorest snowing of ths *et*son. On form they should Liak the b*«t showing In the first series of championship games, excepting, of course, the regular Y. M. C. A. team.Th« first big basketball game of the season will be played Tuesday night in the Y. M. C. A. gymnasium between the crack Springfield (O.) team and the Y. M. U. A. five. The Springfield team made j an excellent showing last season, and §o far this winter has a clean record The Ohioans had little difficulty In mothering the Yale team In a series of games during the holidays, and are strong candidates for the championship of the middle West. They are now making a trip through the Northwest and have so far been playing a *trong.'fast game.Manager Harden, of the Y. M. C. A. five. *ay* that his team this season is much stronger than a year ago. This is particularly true In the matter of substitutes. Last winter tht-re were only two extra men, .and in the big game* it wa* ne e«sary to play the same five throughout the conte*t. The record* show. with th© exception of one game, that the b*g contests were lout in the last few minute* of play, by opponent* putting In fresh men, Thl* winter Manager Harden has* two full t*ams4 and as soon a* a player *how* signs of exhaustion he will be replaced. Arrangement* have been made to accommodate the largest crowd Tuesday night that ever witnessed a basketball game In thl* city.' Basketball Notes.The Y, M C« A. and Indiana I-nlver-slty basketball teams have arranged for a series of games. The first will he played In this city, February 1, the second In Bloomington, and. if a third Is necessary, it will probably be playedhere.The Butler team will be somewhat handicapped to-night In the game with the Shortridge High School, owing to the «lcknlt; ** of two or th«* bt»st players, Cunningham and Klt;e. The men that will represent Butler to-night are Huggins. Mc-Onughey, Van Sickle, Dobson and Gillum.Charles Pierson, who was regarded last winter as the beat center in the middle West, Is trying for Ills old place, on the Y. M, C. A. team. If he gets Into condition he will replace Reeves, who will take one of the forward positions. Pierson's -play last winter was brilliant, but erratic. Thl* wa* due to the fact that he was not in condition. lie begantraining a week ago and Is anxious to get hack on the team.There are now twelve basketball teams in Indianapolis. Of this number six are made up of girls and young women and six of boys and young men. The six girls’ teams are those of the Knickerbocker Hall, the Girls' Classical School, Butler College, Herman House, Short-rldge High Schotol and Y. W. C. A. The men's teams are the Y. M O. A., M T.II. S., 1. S. H. S.. Butler Cnll«|«, Medical Cotl»*g*‘ of Indiana and the second1 ^ Y, M C. A. flVf. The Knlckerbacker , Hall five 1* considered the strongest , among the girls’ teams, while the regular Y. M C. A. team easily holds first \ place among the men s teams. j