Sports Clipping from Indianapolis News, Fri, Jan 18, 1901.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, January 18, 1901

fallible. and there have been cum where the jury disagreed with him. It la a kind of testimony that la useful but not certain. It is a series of experiments. Sucha witness is brought here to send three men to their death/'All the circumstances of the meeting of Jennie Bosschleter with the defendants on the evening of October 18, and of the Mart in a hack for Lee s Hotel, counsel said, were Inconsistent with the theory of the prosecution that the affair was prearranged on the part of the men.“The whole case. he said, “is consistent with the innocene of the defendants under a proper application of the law. If i they go to the scaffold, I will not be here to see it. I will shield my face and aay, ‘Shame, shame, to the hitherto good nameof New Jersey.' SHORTRIDGE BOYS BEATEN.Crawfordsvllie Basketball Team Too Much For Thom.The Crawfordsvllie High School basketball five proved too strong for the Shortrldge High School players last night and defeated them at the T. M. C.A. gymnasium. 28 to 8. The result was something of a surprise as the Short-ridge boys have been doing excellent work In practice and recently played a strong game against the crack T. M C. A. five. The Crawfordsvllie players showed much better team work and their charging was equal to any everseen in this city. Their i n*sing was fast and accurate and they arlbbled the ball from one end. of the field to the other so rapidly as to carry the high school players completely off their feet. Theyshowed to much better advantage In tossing for goal and several of thoir field trials were brilliant The generalship of the visitors was of a high order, and they played an aggressive game throughout. *The Shortrldge players did not show as well as they have in several of their practice games, and near the close of the contest became demoralised. The game attracted a good crowd, and the contestwas much enjoyed The Crawfordsvilis warn Is believed to be much strongerthan the T. M. C. A. team of that city-The Shortrldge players made many toula.and these counted heavily against them, resulting In five goals. The teams lined up as follows: dI. H. ti Crawfordsvllie.F. HirschMasters......... Ht. Guard WilliamsBlossome........ Lt. Guard SeawrightMusters, Hirsch . Center ..........JohnsonSuicer.......... R. Forward ............GillToitn......... Lt. Forward Henry. WatsonSummary—Goals from field, Seawriaht. S; Johnson, •; Suicer. 2; Henry, I; Gill. L Goals from fouls. Gill. 6; Tolm. i. Fouls.GUI. 1; Johnson, 2, Beawnght, 4; Williams, 1; Henry. 1; Tolln, 1; Blossoms. I; Masters. 8; Hirsch. Umpire*—Brown and West. Referee— Haxley Gibbs. r ■The championship season of the Indianapolis Basket bill League opens tomorrow night, with two games in the T. M. C. A. gymnasium. The Manual Training High School and Y. M. C. A. teams will face each other, while the Butler College and Shortrldge High School five; will be the contestants Tn the second game Play will begin promptly * o’clock.TO CURB THE GRIP IK TWO DAYSLexauve Breens-Quin Ire .ix asses