Sports Clipping from Indianapolis News, Wed, Dec 8, 1897.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, December 8, 1897

10RE IEET PREPARTIONSAXOTHER MBBTIfG OF THE L A.M W. nCTCLE CWJ*.b Hoiw Rwestloa will Pro bat* I i DrrlM Tw-Sight—fie he me to Imrr More broWr*-Other teorttBf Few* of Interest.The L, A. W. Bleydto Club wit! hold a meeting In the Criminal Court-room tonight. WaUare Sherwood has received addition*: assurance from PresidentPotter that Indianapolis has the first claim on the '» meet, and he also baa a new scheme which be wishes to bring before the members of the club In regard to securing additional members for the league. The committee appointed to Investigate sites for a club-house U ready to make its report, and a location wlU probably be decided upon at themeeting to-night.Boston has not as yet made a formalapplication for the meet, although It has been understood that the claims of the Massachusetts city will be pushed by a few people In that city. Several prominent league members have recently gone to Boston to Investigate the situation and say that the management of theCharles River track Is really behind the movement and few members of the Massachusetts division am Intermud In the plan. There are a number of bicyclemen In the dty this week, representatives of Eastern factories, who say thatthe wheelmen of the country, and particularly those of the Bast, are counting on coming to Indianapolis next «uro-I. M. Parry, chairman of the executive committee, and Evans Woollen, secretary of the committee, are working on tho permanent organlxailon of the meetclub. The members of the different committees will be selected largely from the members of the L. A. W. Club, and they have been handicapped somewhat in waiting for the new club to get on ItsAmA‘At the meeting of the club to-night action will be taken in regard to theconsolidation of the White and Zig-Zag i .Clubs with the L. A. W. Club. This will 1 mean the addition of about 125 members. President Rockwood will shortly Issue acall to the wheelmen of the dty, apprising them of the organisation of th* new club, together with Its objects and the necessity of the support and co-opera-tion of the Indianapolis wheel riders to !make the dub a success.B ASH KT HAM..First Games In the Championship Contest to be Played To-Slght.The basketball season of the V. M. C. A. league will open to-night with gamesbetween the Reds and Blues, and theWhites and Yellows. The tournament consists of twelve games, and the winner of the championship series will then be ready to meet all teams In the State. Crawfonlsville, Terre Haute. laifayette. I/Ogansport. Ft.Wayne and Richmond all have strong basketball teams.and a Staterear* grid thbi fail was considered ►f the best tackles on ths EasternBack Steiner, of Columbus, O.. knocked out J ic Williams, of Xw Orleans lastnight is eighteen second?, at Columbus. The now famous solar plexus blow did the trick. V;Frank Shannon, of Montreal, ha# been traded to Buffalo for Barry a»d a cam bonus. Geuslenger and Murray, of the California league, have also been secured by Montreal.The Cincinnati bail club Is consideringa plan to go to the City of Mexico this winter for a series of games. The team trill do its spring work at San Antonio. Ttif and if Manager Bancroft can seem* the support of the Mexican government the trip will be made.George Wood, the veteran outfielder, has been appointed a league umpire by President Young. Wood, a few years ago. was considered one of the greatest players In the business. He has not played professional ball since 1393. but has kept in close touch with the gaTme.There was a meeting fn Albany to-day between Captain Payne Whitney* of the Yale crow; Captain Goodrich, of Harvard. and Captain Colson, of Cornell, for the purpose of discussing the plans for a triangular boat race next summer ie* .tween the three colleges. Yale and Harvard have decided to meet on the NewLondon course, and an effort will be made to induce Cornell to race at the same time.PYTHIAN PREPARATIONS.Estimated Attendance and Expenses —Chairmen of CommitteesThe finance committee for the nationalencampment of the Knights of PytWuIn this dty next year discussed estimates of attendance and expenses last night. James R. Carnahan said thatthere would be 30,000 men In camp, andfor every one of these there would be four other visitors, making a total of IBO.OOO. Four hundred delegates will attend the Supreme Lodge meeting. Mayor Taggart said he believed that 11.000,000 would be spent by visitors In thecity. Of the fund of $35 000 to be raisedto conduct the encampment, the local lodges arc to contribute $3,500, the lodges of the State $14,900. and the citizen* of Indianapolis will be asked to contribute the , remaining half—$17,500. The estimate of expenses is set out as follows:Tents (5,000) ............................$12,300Prize*............................. 8.700Water In camp ....................... 1.3*9Sewerage .................... 1.0MOElectric lights......................... JjgReviewing stands .................... l.swOPreparing grounds ................ 1.000Headquarter* tents ...... 1.000Janitor and decoration of hall ..... 200Opera-house ............ 13®Postage for executive committee... 100Bands ................................Cleaning snd repairing grounds ... 500Incidentals.......... 8.0004^Total Jj^i...S3M36lt; on* ru It tec « halrmcn.A list of sub-committees was named tosolicit for the entertainment fund. The chairmen o$ these committees are a* follows;Bakeries and Butchers—D. E. Parrott.Breweries—V. M. Backus.Banks and Truitt Companies—M. B. Wilson.Board of Trade and Commercial Club— D. M. Parry.