Sports Clipping from Indianapolis News, Tue, Dec 8, 1896.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, December 8, 1896

WINDOW GLASS WORKERS.the first thirty-six hour* h- was fifteen miles ahead f li. An hour later he increased his lead on the record ta seventeen miles.-----o-1TEN THOISAND MEN WILL HETIHN TO WORK AT ONC'K.WEYLER REPORTED WOUNDEDiMnreo Snld To llnve Cromieil the * Troelia With n I.urge Force.The Flection of Officer* of the A»-iM»rIntIon—The Flint Gin** Manufacturer* To Meet In I ml Inn-xipolin To Advance Price*.it . T!i* Tmlianap Alt; X I* Usbur*;. l\\.. lVivmh r S.—The lalter pm of week and the first of next about ten thousand window-glass workers in the country will return to work, at last year's wages, after an idleness of six months, and a fruitless attempt to obtain on advance in wages. The workers who will reurn to the factories are the ones employed in the Indiana gas belt, the Pittsburg district and in the New York State factories. The 108 pots in the State of New Jersey will not be started, as the manufacturers there refuse to s»gn the agreement entered into at Pittsburg threeNew York. December S.—A special to the Herald from Jacksonville. Fla., says: Your correspondent has received a dispatch from Havana which states that Antonio Moceo has crossed the irocha with -a ’large force. It is reported, ac-cerding to the dispatch, that Capta n-General Weyler has been wounded at the front. All news from .he scene of theengagement Is suppressed by the officials at the pa la. e.w eks ago. The Kastem manufacturerswant a reduction of 3 and 6 per cent., to enable them, they claim, to meet the seaboard competition of Belgian glass. President Burns will go Fast to-morrow and another conference will be held with the Eastern manufacturers. The committee of the workers has decided to make no change in the scale favoringTo .loin llir liiNurgcnt*.Kankakee. 111., IVeember 8.—A company of twenty young men went south last nieht over the Illinois Central road, bound for New Orleans. There they willbe joined by sixty others from “various parts of the I'nited States, and the entire party will ship for Cuba on the first outgoing vessel, and will join the insurgents. The parry was In command of J. B. Hartman, an ex-regular soldier, who served five years in I'ncle Sam s service, and saw-much hart! fighting in the Indiah campaigns in western Dakota and Montana. -o-r«olt;3aoTHE WEATHER HI LLETI*.United States Weather Bureau.Indianapolis, Ind., December 8.• l* •• rDecember 8, 1895. 7 a.m. 12 m. 2 p.m.31II311December 8. 1896.7 a.m. 12 m. 2 36 43 45the seaboard makers, and a strike condition practically exists. An amicable so- ^Barometer.lution is expected this week.Word has been received at the heid-quartera of the Window-Glass Workers’ Association that the Hartford City lt;Ind.precept'jry had decided to ignore the order of the executive committee to stop issuing credit certificates, and will continue to do so until the works begin blowing. The association will take some steps to discipline the Hartford City preceptory.The property owners of the associationof both the Pittsburg and Indiana districts, who own, individually, about 8200.-(X*). are still after the executive committee to guarantee them in some way against the issuance of the credit slips, and to make them iion-responslble if any financial troubles should occur. At a meeting of the executive committee today. to consider the matter, the representatives of the property owners sprung a sensation when they explamed that the association does not really have a charter existence. It had a charter up until the time it withdrew from the K. of L., in July, but the charter was made out to L. A., 300, K. of L., which exists no longer, The principles of the association and lawsand workings have also been changed, and the claim Is set up that the old charter is void now. A legal Inquiry will be made into the matter. The property owners have engaged an attorney to prepare their case.The window-glass workers will this week prepare the second ballot for the officers of th£ association. The first ballot failed to elect a secretary, and one will probably Le chosen on this ballot. Thecandidates for secretary are ClarenceTarr, Pittsburg; L C. Gefslnger, Gilman; A. J* Falkrver, Dunkirk; H. S. Campbell, IMttsburg; C. E. Gleason, Ne.v Castle; J. 1). Perkins, Cleveland; T. C. Wescott, Muncle; George Johnston, Sweetser.The Western wage committee is also to be elected .and the following are candidates: John W. Bardysall, Pendleton;John L. Denny. Dunkirk; W. K.Springer, John Eplnheimer, JohnAimes, John Albertson, Peter Vetter, George C. Smith and Charles Fleming. Pittsburg; G. L. Perkins, Andersen; A. W. Reynolds and V. Camp, New Castle; S. A. Wallace, T. W. Coon, Jeannette; W. H. McCann, Dunkirk; Charles Harding. Kane; S. E. Githens, Bellever-non. ,Flint Gins* Manufacturer*.A meeting of the flint glass manufacturers of the United States will be held at Indianapolis to-morrow, when a general advance In prices will be ordered, about 10 per cent. The flint manufacturers have an association forregulating prices, but do not pool their ouslness issue.-. Among the manufacturers who will bo present will b« Charles Bolt,* Muncie, W. F. Obear, St. Louis; Jr. M. Levis, Alton. 111.; Thomas K. Shel-ion, Gas City; It. E. Breed, G. A. Sheidle.*, Marion; (». Seitz. Albert Hamil-:on. J-. S. Hamilton, John Tibby, C. H. Beech, Pittsburg; George NV. Yost, Be-•laire, O.. F. J. Park, Wheeling.The Pittsburg locals of the American Flint-Glass Workers' Union are making ^reparations to entertain the annual invention of the flint-glass men, which will be held in Pittsburg in July. Com-nlttees urlt;? already appointed to arrange ’or the event Pittsburg will help Muncie ;et the honor next year.A conference Will be held at the headquarters of the A. F. G. W. U. early in Fanuary by the journeymen of the pressed rade of the Hint trades, for revising the jre-ssed scale. The following Indiana lo-als will send delegates: No. 23, Muncie; 8'u. 45, Marlon; No. 61, Greentown; No. 14. Summervile; No. 123, Albany; No. 7, Dunk rk.Ball Brothers, Muncie, Ind., are building in experimental tank and will, it is said, ;oon try the experiment of making bottles •y the Arbogast machine, which, it is laimed, will revolutionize the bottle-mak-ng Industry.a.m.—30.09 | 12 m.-29.96 | 2 p.m.—29.90Local Condition*.Forecasts for Indianapolis and vicinity for the thirty-six hoursending at 8 p. m., December #, 1896: Cloudy and possibly showers tonight; cloudy or partly cloudy weather on Wednesday.tsIeaari:tIerrjartsnlistr.MPrii I i »iHigh atmospheric pressure prevails, with a slight depression over the Mississippi valley and a low barometric area over British Columbia. No great change In temperature occurred; freezing temperature continued from South Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin northward. Light rain fell in the central and lower Mississippi valley and in the Ohio valley. Light snow fell near l^ake Superior.ntitoat!Wfntlifr la Other rifle*.Observations taken by the United States Weather Bureau, 8 a. m., seventy-flf.h meridian time:__Stations.ktlti-NoP11netiSinBoston, Mases.. Chicago, 111......Cincinnati. O —Jacksonville, Fla..Ixmisvllle, Ky......Moorhead, Minn..New York. N Y........Omaha. Neb...........Pittsburg, Pa..........St. Louis, Mo..........St. Paul. Minn..........Washington, D. C......C. F. R. WAPPENHANS. Local Forecast Official.Bar.Ther.Wet hra30.0022Clearoi30.3432Cloudy30.1234Cloudyk30.0844Cloudyd30.1632Cloudy30.22MClearii30.1630CloudyC30. (d50Rain29.9222Cloudy30.1061Cloudyrr30.3238Fair30.0832FairT30,2038Cloudv: U30.0640Cloudyb29.9032Snowlr30.2842CloudyaAnnual Recital By Senior f in**.Special to The Indianapolis News.Franklin, Ind., December 8.—Theseniors In the department of music at Franklin College gave their annual recital last night at Athen'an Hall to an appreciative audience, which completely filled the room. The program was in the hands of Dr. J. M. Dungan, head of the department. The members of the ckiss are Miss Belle Shull, of Montpelier; Miss Flora Rochat, of Franklin and Miss M.n-nie Tucker, of Logansport. They wlt;re assisted by Mr. C._ R. Parker, of Ashtabula, O., vocalist, and Mr. E. L. Moore, of Lafayette, violoncello soloist, MLph Rochat and Miss Tucker playing the respectiw-accompaniments. The recital was one cf the most successful ever given by senior students in Franklin. The hall was tastefully decorated with ros^s and ferns, the pink rose* c? Alpha Gamma Alpha, to which fraternity both Miss Tucker and Miss Shull belong, be ng prominent.N'rw School 11 it llilliig u( FI wood.Special to The IndiunaiMllH News -El wood, Ind., Dtcember 8.—At the meeting of the City Council last night definite action was taken regarding the erection of a thlrty-thousand-do#lar high-achool building in this city.,, The Central School Building, of eight rooms, the first one erected In El wood, will he torn down and the new budding will be erected In Its place. An elegantly arranged auditorium will be constructed in the ntw building, which will have twelve rooms. School warrants will be issued to raise the revenue with which to build.atiwtTatl81nItl81aiwetblt;IIncrhielt;clMfctaelhlt;IncthInbeofwredCounty Must Hear Expense.Special to Th« Indianapolis News.El wood, Ind., December 8.—Some time ago the El wood City Council made a demand that the expense of tuking prisoners to the county Jail be paid by the county, and asked Attorney-General Ketcham for an opinion on the question. H- ruled that the county must bear the expense of tfuch transferrals, an opinion that will be of Interest to all other cities in the State. |MARSHALL TAYLOR S GOOD WORKTHE NEWS CONDENSED.ofdelabepaTlIT.tllt;ce$4lt;delayifoInIslatth8PWWidew1S1I’tae Imlliitin poll* Hitler Imong the i Lender* In fhe lllcycle Itace.New York, December 8.— The opening of he second twenty-four hours of the six-lays' bicycle contest at Madison Square JarUn found the roll of the competitors sadly depleted. Of the original twenty-leven entries, only sixteen remained, and t is gooi letting that less than half of his numlier will be in the race at the Inish. Hale, the Irishman, who has led yesterday afternoon, and broken ■ecord after record. was fresh and hopeful ?f success this morning. He took a little tap during the early morning, but man-iged to add seventy-six miles to his •redlt between 3 o'clock and 9. Expens it the gardtn say. however, that he will ict last six days, albeit there was nothing n his appearance this morning to warrant ha: assertion. Red .ling, the Nebraska T*an. who broke ali records yesterday for • linuous riding, was within a score of idles of the Irish champion at 9 o’clock, jut gave evidence of breaking up.I: would surprise nobody to se- Marshall raylor tcoioreij. of Indianapolis capture irst money He was wdth.n thirty-two niles or the leader at 9 o’clock this rnorn-ng. and seernc 1 as fresh as when he darted. Maddox, uf Asbury Park, was v«-r c*.e hundred milts behind th? leader his morning. Moore, of Philadelphia, is n much fetter condition :han several of lls competitors.Shock, the wanner of the last six-day ■ontest. has disappointed hie- friends, and i * withdrawal w.Il surprise no one. The nan es of Click, Gannon, Cass.dy. Smith, 'ierce. Alt;b:nj{er and McLeod are slight, til tie lifty-mib- rwor is have been »roken and Shock’s record will Jjubtless e (eaten by 2lt;j0 m:l**s.The s'-cr:* a: 10 o’c-kx-k a. m. was: Hale, K m.les; Redding. 526: Moore. 524; Taylor, Si: Shock, 517; A.shinger, 399; Rice, 525; * t ree, .VJ6: For.-don, 518; Elkes. 456. Smith, 65. Ms Jdox, 436; Gannon. 42u; Cassidy, 23 Nl Le 1. too Glick. 449.Hale turn* i Into his tent shortly after •/■•fc \ He was out aga n at lu:15 and uade the pace f r his adversaries. Shock nade a gain of twenty-thr-e miles over lale this morning. Comparison with the •revious corniest foun 1 the Irishman was nly seven miles ahead of Shock's record f 535 miles at the lt;nd of the first thirty-our h urs. Marshall Taylor sought r ninety m nates, during which time he »a.- passed by Shock and fell from third o eighth plac . Glick, the Michigan man, v as run 'nto. bat remounted and con-inu.d his ride. Uassldy, the Jersey itudent. left ‘the tra.k at 11:50. seemingiy *dtv ur-ei up. Hale continued to break fhock’s previous record, and a: the end ofDr. Thomas Drr, of Alexandria, Ky.. committed suicide while insane from theuse of narcotics.The Bessemer Steel Association, generally known as the steel trust, has proba-bl gone to pieces.At a secret meeting in Cincinnati, the wool-working machinery manufacturing concerns of the United States formed a combine, with $20,000,000 capital.A. L. Person, a prominent member of the Union Vetemn League, of Pittsburg. Pa., suffered a stroke of paralysis yesterday. and is not exp-cted to recover.At Nashville, Tenn., the entire plant and ! buildings of the Withlngton Russell Co., covering about six acres in Newtowm,a suburb, was totally destroyed by fire.L jhb. $125,000.In attempting to cross the Vtrdlgras i river five miles north of Muskogee, I. T.. Hst night, Will Wadd and two McKnapp girls, all children, were drowned by th^*boat overturning.Forty apprentice boys who escaped from the naval station at Newport, R.I.. Saturday, were sentenced to ten days in double irons. The cases of the two ringleaders were referred to the commander.The project for a line of steamships from California to Japan is almost a cer-ta nty. It will be operated by Amer'can capital and will have the close co-operation of the Atchison, Topeka Santa Fe railway.The Union Nadonal Bank, of New Or-Paas. La., which suspended payment September 9, 1896, having complied w»th all of the conditions imposed by the Comptroller of the Currency, ha* reopenedits doors.George D. Hamill. age fifty, of Syracuse, N. Y., committed suicide ui Phoenix, Ariz. by taking morphine. Poor health and financial troubles drove him to the act. He was interested in mines In Yavapai county, Arizona.Ir. Ezekiel H. Noble, wanted at New Fie,lford. Mass.. for performing an unlawful operation, which resulted in death, ha* beer, arrested at Arkansas City, Ark. The crime was commuted a year ago and the officers have been after him nearly ever s. nee.It is authoritatively announced that Henry C. Payne, whose name has bt-en connected with a place in McKinley's Cabinet, has resigned the vice-preeldency of the M1iwauk«S* Electric Railway and Light Company. His resignation will go into cffec; with the close of thu week. The directors of the company will arrive in Milwaukee Thursday. when a meeting will be held to choose Mr. Payne’s successor.fuallofhoarcewiplitoboth.crtourestoifrcnoIslthrelt;coIrhasfocoly.ticgl’quoelt;pu1nofoipaofpebegrce;lieIn*thiPr00DIon1th.FTtlowlre*UrpuWIhod«C3ir»!FTta: