Sports Clipping from Indianapolis News, Tue, Dec 7, 1897.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, December 7, 1897

The Young Men s cnrwuan A*»aa- | tion Basket ball League has been organised for the winter, and the championship series will'begin to-morrow night in the association's gymnasium, withtwo games. There are four clubs in the jassociation, and regular match games ! will be played every Wednesday night. The Whites, captained by E. C. Earl, are composed of the following men: J Bar! and Fleming, forwards; Roth, cen- j ter; Bhawhan and Hoffmark. guards; Jay and Hunt, substitutes. The Reds.captained by Charles Pierson, are made j up as follows: Goodnow and Bishop, for- i wards; Pierson, center; Mahwrln and Moulden, guards: Roberts, substitute.The Blues are captained by George Purres, who, together with Bowman, All the position of guards, with May. center; Rice and Wells, forwards, mod Watts, substitute. The Yellows will be jhandled by W. E. Hardin, who plays jcenter; Htttto and Bates are the guards.with O. Pierson and Kaylor, forward*. These four teams are made up of the best men In the gymnasium classes, who have been practicing for some time. Nearly every night one team or the j other Is at work. Each team will be dressed In the regulation gymnasium suits of Its colors. A handsome stiver shield has been presented to the leagueby Gardner Bros. A Roes, and will be the trophy for which the four teams will contest. The series consists of twelve games, and after that the winning team will arrange a series of games with the crack basketball teams In the State. The championship games will be played inthe gymnasium, and visitors are invitedto witness the contests.First Leasar Organliatloa.Basket ball la comparatively a new game In Indianapolis, although attempts have been made to play it for the last two seasons, and the Young Men's Christian Association lias had a team for that length of time. This Is the first season, however, that a regular biague has been organised, ami the association expects to arouse a great deal of enthusiasm infthe winter sport. The game Is now played In almost every Young Men’s Christian Association and college gmnnslum in the country. It !■ similar in many respectsto association football, with the danger-•ous and rough features practically eliminated. Men can play basket ball without. being clothed in armor or swathedin bandages. Like football, there Is roomfor a large amount of team ws+k. and although there are only live men to a team, concerted action is as necessary as tt Is in any football contest. It Is essentially a gymnasium sport, and is not the popular game In the big Eastern colleges where the athletes wish to keepIn training all winter.The teams are divided Into a center.two forwards and two guards. The forwards and center men rush the ball, while the guards are like the full-backs In a football team, and protect their own goal. The hall i* hardly us large as a football, and can not he kicked or carried. At either end of the Arid, suspended ten feet from the ground, are two baskets, and the object of the game Is to rush the ball up to and toss it Into the opponent'* basket. This is not an easy task when all conditions are favorable, and when five opponents with arms waving and bodies moving In front of the ball confront the player who Is attempting to make a goal the task becomes extremely difficult. The baskets are only eighteen Inches In diameter.How the Game la Played., The two cente r men put the ball inpluy. It is tossed up by the referee, andthe two big men are after It. Then tho guards begin to rush It first this wayand that, hoping for an opportunity to attack their opponent#1 goal. Nine times out of ten the ball drop* wide of the mark, and is seht spinning to tho other end of thb flbtd with six men In pursuitand the battle Is waged at that end ofthe (told. There Is room for lots of science In the game, and from tho instant the center starts the ball .In play the u-n men ar© after It with vigor. A clover forward has many opportunities to display his skill. He learns to throw a bucket from almost any pocdtlon with two or three mn In front of or ail around him. lie may make a feint to throw the halt over their heads and then snap Jt between their legs. H» may throw It backward to another of his own side. His opponents can not lay hands on him. l»ut they can take poesetwlon of the b-tll the Instant It leaves his hands. The ballcan not be held for mors than five seconds at a time, and tho changes In tho complexion of the gamo are sometimesmade with remarkable quickness. The play is faat and exciting, and the tenmen on the two teams keep in motion all of the time. The cry of the football captain, ‘ Keep your eye on the ball.” Is echoed by the basket-ball captain, but It Is cften difficult to do this. Points are scored In two ways—one a field goal while the ball is In play, and the other a *’place try at goal, resulting from afoul committed by the side not having the hail. Each goal counts one point. The game consists of two halves of twenty minute* each, with a tcn-mlnuto Intermission.9NOOTTXQ TOl K\AHK\T.Meftkes HIM tklTTvsa Medal—Program for the Week.Chicago. 111.. December 7.—The shooting tournament opened yesterday withthe match between Holla O. Heikes and Charles Grimm for tho cast-iron medal. Hetkes won by a score of 91 to 87. The conditions were unfavorable for hlgn •cores. A strong wind blew a fine cutting anow into the face* of both men.and many at tho birds went with tho Wind. Helke* did th© better workthroughout, his kills were cleaner, buth* often used tho second barrel for safety. Grimm made some sensational kills with his second barrel. Four of the nine bird* lost by Heikes fell dead out or bounds. His final run of 34 straight wasthe feature of the sport. The score: Heike*—I«eft quartering, X7; Incomers.48; drives, 7; right quartering. 19; towering *.Grimm—Left quartering. 87; incomers. 84; drive*. 10; right quartering, 18; towering, t.Referee—John Watson. Time of race— 1:32.Tho program for tho rest of the week HrTuesday—Fred Gilbert, holder, versus J. A. R. Elliott, challenger, for the Kansas city Star cup; 100 live birds, Wednesday-Open sweepstakesThursday— Fred Gilbert, holder, versus J. A. R. Elliott, challenger, for the Dupont trophy; live birds.Friday—Team race between Chicago and Kansas City, ten men on side; rtf tv birds each.Saturday—Team race continued. Banquet at Chicago Athletic Association atmm,The indlvdual races will begin each day at 2 o'clock. The team race will occupy both Friday and Saturday, and will bA gin at 9 o’clock. In addition, there will be sweepstakes each day. two sets of traps being on the grounds.