Sports Clipping from Indianapolis News, Mon, Dec 7, 1896.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, December 7, 1896

THE BIG BICYCLE CONTEST.••Major Taylor, of ludlnnnpolls, In It—The Score To-Day.New York, December 7.—The great International bicycle race began at 12:05 o'clock this morning in the amphitheater cf Madison Snuare Garden. The entries contain the names of men famed throughout the world as b'cyele riders, and every effort w:il be made during the week by seme of these champions to lower records. Among the foreign contingent entered for the contest in the delegation brought over by .Ed Plimmer may be mentioned such cracks as Tom Linton, champion c-f Wales. | and champion middle-distance rider of the world; C. Chappie, a well-known English rider; J. D. Lumsden, a Scotchman, whohas won many laurels; W. A. Elks, and George Cartwright, the old-time English chamolon distance pedestrian. Among the other entries are Albert Shock, the American who won the long-distance championship In this c-ty in 1893. when he rode 1.600 miles; Frank Waller, Germany; Jules Dubois. France; Teddy Hale, Ireland; Peter Golden, H. H. Maddox. E. J. Flynn, E. C. Moore, Albert Hosmer, George Van Bm-burgh, America; A. A. Hansen, Denmark; Fred Foster, Germany; Ed Von Steeg, Germany; Burns W. Pierce, Canada; A H. McLeon, J. W. Conkling. Ned Redding, C. L. Cassidy. Major” Taylor, of In- jdianapolls; J. S. Rice, J. R. Gannon, E. C. : Smith, C. W. Ashlnger, A. C. Meixell and : J. A. Giick, all of America.There were five thousand people in the garden when the race started. Champion Zimmerman was unable to be present and Eddie E. Bald fired the shot that sent the twenty-seven starters on the.r Jour ney. Shock led to the end of the first lap. | He was closely followed by Reddlngton and Linton, the Welsh champion. Shack was warmly applauded. He cut out a hot pace and there were several falls, but none of the riders was injured.Only twenty-two of the original twenty-seven contestants were still in the hunt at noon to-day, Homer, Von Embcrg, i Chappcl, Linton and Lumsden having withdrawn. Half a dozen others may soon follow. The attendance was quite small, and the riders took advantage of this lo indulge in cat naps. At 10 o’clock the score was as follows: Shock. 169 nr.les; Waller. 146; Elks. J72; Hale. 194; Golden. 137; Maddox. 160; Gltck. 167: Foster, 192; Moore. 178; Taylor, 169; Conklin, 169; Reading. 189; Cassidy, 139; Ashinger. 183; Rce, 169; Pierce, 179; Ganr.on. 161; Van Steeg. 162; Wilson. 99; Smith, 16S; McLeon, 164.