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Robert T. Apr 19, 2016

Clipped from US, West Virginia, Charleston, Charleston Daily Mail , May 7, 1954

Clipped by Robert T.

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GIVE THE PARKETTE BIG BOY SHOPPES A NEW NAME WIN 96,500 IN PRIZES HARDTOP CONVERT) III CONTEST NOW OWNG ON CLOSES JUNE 4TH CONTWT RUHS 1. Noma the Porkotto Big lay Sheep'! and in 23 word* or I'M tell why you chete •hot nom*. 7, Her* your entry on an official blank. It'i ob totally fro*. 3. D.poiil or moil thit entry to coy Pott-otto B;B Soy Shoppo. 4. ConlMt Monday, Moy 3rd. 1934. tnlri wHi bo OCTOoMd al Parh'H* BW Boy Shoeoo* thcough Mday, i-no 4th. er mult b«or a potfmorb no lator than aridftigM. Ixt* 4rh, 1954. 5. EnHr ai many lima* oi you wlih. but eoch onfrr mu»r M '* o I'oorot' entry blank. No poncn ihall win more than 4. ContMt neon fa oil r*ildenti cf the Unit'd Siat*i, Including It* territori'i, oxc'et omplayOM of Ihe Big Boy Shoe* doi. Ihiir ody»rtl!lnB afiwxiet. the or-ganiiarlan hnpd'ing and |udfli«o the eon»oir and tholr familial. 7. Zntrial will ba M(id on the boil' of originality, optnen of thcuaM and iWroil. lo«h entry mvil bo tho orlo* inol wort of Me tontoMoot. ivbmlri.d In hi* own no mo and whh hit own |l«nohrr'. t. All ontrlo* become thp B'mw'tv of tho Park'*** Bio Boy Shoppei and nano will bo returned. 7. In raw of (lot, duplicate prllM will bo award'd. Owlt'O of tho tadge. It final. 10. A lift of Prlio Winner, will bo evkltobb 6 wooki ofttr (Iom of contort to oil who •end In a r*quotl accompanied by O FABfCITTI BIO BOT JHOPP1S 1103 MoW Street Oar lot ton, W. Vo. “^rrs* 25 BIG PHIZES 25 BIG PRIZES. 1.t PrWe-1934 llnceln CoprI *4,300 M “ 11 ••fd^'eator. Tapper- Bongo, n j . . U. A-5l5tf J* **i Carrier loom Air Conditioner 3rd Pmo—Second Chnk. nf Abnvo 4th Price-Third Chaleo-of Above 3th Prlio—PimoMMp Item of -he Above 4* Ptlxw—Admiral lobta Model Radio ........ 39.93 7* Prii* Admiral TobW Mod.) Radio ........ 39.93 ^ 8 th Prlto—Admiral Table Modal Bed;# ........ 39.93 T?. *,**—Admiral TobW Modal Rodte ..... 39.93 ft.trl 10»h Prlto—Admiral Table Mod'l Radi.........39.93 I-®1* Mo*’ ........ 3**5 /KTY 12th Prlio—Adndrol Table Model BorCo ........ 39.93 { I3lh Prhe—Admlrel Table Model Rncfto ........ 39.93 \W ]4lh Price— Admiral TobW Model Radio ........ 39.93 W 13th Prlia—Admiral TobW Model Rodio ........ 39.93 19th Prlio—Admlrol Toblo Model ...... 39.93 17th Prlco-Admlrol TobW Medol ladle ........ 39.93 18th Prbo—S23.00 Saving. Bondi 23ed Prlio—SUM Savina* Bondi ’9th Prl«»—535 00 Saving. Bond. 73rd Prilo—S75.30 Sovlngi Bondi 70th PHto—57500 Saving* Bondt 24th Prlio—S73JB Saving, Bo-d. 31* Price—423.00 Saving. Bondt 73th Prl.e-S2MM«»»«» Mpbpsw’ *’* paikette;
Clipped by Robert T.

Charleston Daily Mail,Charleston, West Virginia

Fri, May 7, 1954 – Page 21

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