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McGill business school never had it so : ' ’ * 4 ^ By ESTELLE DORAIS *'You can develop a Rood menUhan cither science or MONTREAL (CP - De- business program without , )lt ^^lSSSS JShLmunitygoesartrvss s/s ssss «sss3S S?an Shapiro ' and that’s still a substantial students, he said. ; ■ - • J'vecota business school business operation.” - • mar.agen.en PH. D. that’s never been stronger, : Enrolment Is 21 per cent program is given in concert healthier or happier” .Sha- French-speaking and the with the other F-nghsh-tan-nfrn said in an interview sch.wl offers a combination guage university here. Con-P Uc lch^ has tripW Its of courses given in French eordia and with the two enrolment and faculty since and exchange programs with f reoch-language ,_ unlversi-1967 and has moved from a Frenchlanguage universt- ties—the University of Mon-aXlfcom- ,ie». Includlns onf In I-rl. War. .nrtsrr -usxx \ssassssz ;~*r North American curriculum. ,Vu.d,c”“ |h’“ ,nJ.he taUkiSTof (or •*fn 1967. you could get a [n thfre had four universities ccwperat-bachelor of commerce with- ^ * mlpria,inrn s|nce ing'on a doctoral program.” out a course In either finance the ejection lt;hal hiDixpht the said Shapiro. ' . or marketing said Shapiro. p (i cr ,3 mnn1hj aR0 “Among the four schools, who holds a Ph. D. in mar- anrf m an,jc|pa,|ttg there arc 200 professionals kcting. ■ t ;/ \ lt;ant*/* ' leaching business,* he added. Only one general market- “We’ro a much stmnper A doctoral propram Is very tng course was given eight entitv now than we've ever expensive and pooling re-years ago: There are now tft been and 1 don't see anything sources makes sense/1 half courses available. ' • changing that because It Of course, doctoral candl* ' 4,0ne thing they did was doesn't bother me If French- dates must be bilingual a* It teach accounting well/' he speaking enrolment goes up means working In both unsaid of the old English*ln» to 3S percent or 10 per cent.’* guages. think the busi-spfred business pprogram. Shapiro said the 70s have ness school could be a kind 01 Shapiro said the school has been a good time for profes- Important bridge nol had problems with the t sional education generally the French- and fcngush* Parti Quebecois govern- with a movement toward speaking business communl* ment. conservatism and profes- * “The new government has sional schools. * ' Shapiro, who came to Mon- been fair and equitable in - **And there's been a major treal In ihe 60s from the Ini-dealing with McGHl/* he Influx of women Into the verslly of Pennsylvania s said. '. - management program/’ he Wharton business school lo He is also not worried said. They make up 35 per work for P^ate ^ry about the future of McGill cent of the enrolment.” here, joined McGill despite a head office drain The faculty accepts 320 He Is completing his term out of the province. ' new students a year and now as dean and intends to write When businesses—head has high entrance require- a business strategy history of offices—began to move out mints because of the rie- the university- covering the of Quebec^ the students got a mand. ’ little conceme.d he said. . -We'd rather pick ro out balical next year. • - But however you slice it. of 1.000 than 320 out of 320 or “I wpert to 1^ b“r.‘{^ there's still going to be six 1.000 out of 1,000,” Shapiro under the ^ick gates.h* million people and a pretty said. So we require higher said, referring to the main high Standard of living here, grades lo get into manage- entrance of the university.;
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Fri, Dec 9, 1977 – Page 20