Clipped from US, Texas, Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi Times, April 27, 1963

wasthatglasswithones’foundludedeatlywhenBeach, Calif.'MOST DEADLYZoo HasStartlingExhibit'isedVr R. epted vougii ?elec-g ir-ns to earnest er-jpositdon’tcausemy-” heproxi-buled il in-\’o. 2 ricul-” he paign ; law, filed efore licans itc InNEW YORK. VFi — The male(and female) animal got theirown billing yesterday at the Bronx Zoo.Appropriately, or inappropriately, die exhibit” was in the zoo’s ape house.What stopped Use visitors in their tracks was a sign above the bars reading: The most dangerous animal in the world.The barred cage is really a mirror. At the bottom are these words: “You are looking at the most dangerous animal in the world. 11 alone of all the animals that ever lived can exterminate (and has) entire species ol animals. Now it has achieved the power to wipe out all life on earth.A-or H-bombs, anyone?The adults, who pause and see their own mirrored image behind bars, and then read the message” experience a bit of a jolt But, as Joseph A, Davis Jr.. curator of mammals, puts it, they take it the way we want them to, It gets them to stop and think. .The youngsters? Here’s a sampling of comment:Hey, look at me, Hymie, I’m dangerous.“Joe,. I always said you belong in a zoo.H I’m an animal, when do they feed me?5 lackn ox-2- .11lion Philip O'D the ol Gaim pensei vioiis' And began the 1 the o! in 193 He suppo volunl cial iiChTrlt;FoiCHcago,jumpnountda!JucIraffimonllnitUeingbeforDri than and lt;the i he s agen involMan Drowns in LakeLAKE DALLAS. W — R. B.VieToSAl Vietn were up ai they The volve old. The