Military Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Fri, Oct 7, 1966.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, October 7, 1966

Fallen hero's menhold ridge sacredBy I I (HI DANIEL ,pany on. They took HilJ 428. SAIGON (UPI)~The Marines *It was determination thatof Kilo Company call Hill 428 made us take that hill,” said J. J. Ridge” and they speak of I Cpl. William Hutton, 19, of! “it softly. It is a very specialhill.Canoga Park, one of the first three men to reach theIt is their memorial to Capt. ' t0P J. J. Carroll, a leader blessed Carroll was unharmed in thewith a rare mixture of guts, capture of Hill 428. Accordinggrace and style the battle plan. KiloHe compromised none of Company was to make the these qualities before he was assault last Wednesday on Hiltragically killed by a Marine! 484* I he big prize in awhich fell far short! two-week drive across theof its intended target. He died spmy ridgeline just .south of theas a hero unselfishly supporting!demilitarized zone,the assault by another Marine But Capt. Robert Hanrahan company on another hill. Heiof Randolph, Mass., command-has been nominated for theier of Mike Company, had lost Navy Cross, the Corps’ second! men trying to take Hill 484 onhighest award for gallantry, Tuesday. He wanted another which ranks only behind the! chance.Medal of Honor. i Lt. Col. Bill Masterpool ofFAMILY MAN Solvay, N.Y., gave HanrahanJ, J., as he was known in the the go-ahead. Carroll stayed at3rd Battalion. 4th Marines, was the command post to direct themarried and the father of a heavy machine-gun fire supporting the assault. As the attackHe was a big man, more than began, two 90mm Marine tank six feet tall and around 200; rounds fell short and hit thepounds, and he had a generous command and a constant spring in One was a near-direct hit onhis step. i Carroll. He died quickly.He commanded Kilo Compa- Masterpool, visibly shakenr.y only about six weeks. But all hours after the accident, who knew him liked him. muttered repeatedly, “PoorOn Hill 428, Carroll led his J.J., poor J.J.” Then he men against a tremendous thought a moment.volume of machine-gun andj i'm a religious man. Maybe automatic-weapons fire and it’s not poor J.J. He was a goodhand grenades. Bare to the man and he believed in hiswaist, bareheaded and hurling faith. He’s got it made now,”grenades, he urged Kilo Com-he said.