C/2/200 ADA finishes summer training

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Jun 17, 1994 Military Clipping by Justin Y.
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Clipped from US, New Mexico, Alamogordo, Alamogordo Daily News , June 17, 1994

Clipped by Justin Y.

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Alamogordo national guard finish two week training DONA ANA RANGE CAMP — Over 30 national guard members from Charlie Btry, 2nd Battalion, 200th Air Defense Artillery (HAWK) from Alamogordo are enduring record breaking temperatures as they wrap up a two-week annual training exercise this weekend at Dona Ana Range Camp (DARC). The battalion rolled into DARC by convoy June 4 to conduct crew-served weapons qualifications, common task training (such as first aid and map reading), nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) training, maintenance training on air defense equipment and lanes training. Charlie is one of four ele ments that form the 2nd batta equipement yet.” lion. The other elements include Alpha Btry, Bravo Btry and Headquarters and Headquarters Btry (HHB), all from Las Cruces. Despite temperatures near 117 degrees, training appears routine. But further investigation reveals an unusual training and administrative situation: Lieutenants are commanding batteries, sergeants are leading platoons, and specialists are conducting classes. “Most of our people are at schools, explained 2nd Lt. Steve Carroll, acting commander of HHB from Las Cruces. “We’re in the process of converting from Chaparral Missile Systems to Hawk Missile Systems, but we haven’t received all our “What this means, he continued, “is that many junior officers are filling in command positions traditionally held by captains or above. It’s a tremendous opportunity to get quality leadership experience. Officers aren’t the only sol diers getting accelerated leader ship experiences, however Many lower enlisted personel are getting the same opportunity. “We have many E-4s, and E-5s functioning as platoon sergeants, said Carroll. “They’re doing such an outstanding job sometimes I feel I can go home.;
Clipped by Justin Y.

Alamogordo Daily News,Alamogordo, New Mexico

Fri, Jun 17, 1994 – Page 14

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