Military Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Fri, Aug 30, 1968.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, August 30, 1968

U.S. Force Pursues 'Butcher of Hue'SAIGON (I PI)- A 1.000 man force ol l S. paratroopers hacking through jungle al a snail’s pact* repnried today itwas closing in on the Butcherof Hue” and his tattered North Vietnamese regiment that over ran the old imperial capital last u intert PI roi respondent Davidlamb reported that trtiops ofthe t S 82nd Airborne Divisionhave killed at least 17ft members of ihe Nonh Vietna mese 22 nd Regiment in th» eight-day drive southeast of Hue called Operation Mot ll« reported st*ven \mencan deadThe paratroopers are attempt ing to eapture l,t Pol TrongThan Mot ‘ the Butt her of Hue.” and break the grip of terror his regiment has long held over the key northern eityand its environs Lamb reported the \meneans todav overran a freshly-aban doned eamftsite and found tillwarm eooklng utensils, picturesbelieved to Turn the elusiv*Mot and his* family, and a letter written by a North Vietnamese soldier less than 24 hoursearlierl.amb said the huge paratroop force was making only -Pinyards headway daily throughthe canopied |iingle cover butthey were confident Mol and his men were having the samedifficulty'•v.: e.' ';•.*s ;.\V ’••I tT:*fjlS^!! V-^V 'i; ;v *•I want Pol Mot he is the most influential Communist inI fie Hue area and he runs agood outfit said Pol Alexan der Rolling of Satellite Heath l-'la . commander »f ’hlt; x.’nd'saThird BrigadeBut his nan an- inshape We have given 'hanee to save them\s Rolling and his troops pushed on. F S planes droppedslitrendej or die leaflets intothe jungles where the regiment was believed located The North Vietnamese 22nd overran Hue during tfie Tet offensive and,under Mot’s direc lered hundreds of civilians