Military Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Tue, Aug 27, 1968.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, August 27, 1968

Allies Tighten Trap On North Viet ForceSAIGON (CP!)—Allied troops trapped a large North Vietna me-e forci in jungles near Hult; Tuesday night and sent aloft to warn the Communists tn surrender or die The Communists, remnants ofthe !.200-man 22nd North Vietnamese Regiment, wen surrounded b\ i s S2nd Air*pK,'borne Brigade troopers and twoSouth Vietnamese battalion-. Ismiles southeast of the oldimperial lt;sty m northern SouthVietnam\ platoon of the *2nd turnedthe tables on North Vietnameseambushers m the area Mondavand kilk*d % Communists in ablistering crossfire The Americans then moved into the deserted regimental headquarters while the Commu* rusts -curried into the jungles, apparently unaware that allied troops had cut off all knownescape routes,“They don’* have a chance.” -aid Col Alexander Boiling, ofSatellite Beach. Fla., commander of the S2nd. The Communist regiment was commanded by Co! Thong Than Mot, a veteran of the Indochina war and of last winter’- Hue campaign•If Mot want- to fightw:l! tighten the cordon and wipe him out. Boiling -aidBoiling sent V Splanes overto broadcast appeal-to h» North Vietnamese to -urrendei or fait annihilation(see \«rth Vietoamese. Paue 2}