Military Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Tue, Aug 27, 1968.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, August 27, 1968

North Vietnamese Trapped in Jungle(Continued from Page 1)Farther to the south, near the Cambodian border, North Vietnamese forces shelled the U.S. “Green Beret” camp at Due l^ap five times during the dayin a resurgence of attacks since I its defenders broke a four-day siege SundayU.S. military sources said jRed mortarmen hiding in the mountains around the battered base, half overrun during the siege, fired 59 rounds into the camp, wounding 10 South Vietnamese troopers.American B52 bombers and 1.500 South Vietnamese reinforcements lifted the siegeSunday. The reinforcements fought their way inside and helped drive off the Communists in fighting that cost 59 \ men killed, including six Ameri- (can Special Forces troopers. t and 107 wounded, 12 of them t Americans. (At least 80,1 Communist \ bodies have been found around hilhop Due l^p, 125 miles ] northeast of Saigon, bringing to;-about 7,500 the number of Reds killed in the past nine days. | military sources said. iAllied losses for the same 1 period were 650 killed and 2.200 1 wounded, with no breakdown ’ available as to how many were i \mericans, the sources said j “We do not consider the figures i incredible.” one said The disclosures came as U S Marine spokesmen announced that gun in North Vietnam Monday fired 214 heavy shells onto l\S. outposts on South Vietnam's northern tier, killing five Marines and wounding 23.!lThe two-hour barrage across 5 the border Remilitarized Zone was the heaviest in weeks :