Marriage Clipping from Indianapolis Times, Sat, Sep 17, 1927.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Times, September 17, 1927

Mary Plymate, . Bride-Elect, Given ShowerMiss Mary Gatwood, Thirty-Eighth St. and Gladstone Ave., entertained Thursday evening with a miscellaneous shower in honor of Miss Mary Plymate, daughter of Mrs. Lenora Plymate, whose mar-rige to Dittimore Frisbie, son of Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Frisbie of Oklahoma City, will take place in October.At serving time covers were laid for the guests at one long table decorated in the brial colors of green and white and with a centerpiece of dolls dressed as a bridal party. The hostess was assisted by her mother, Mrs. G. W. Gatwoodand Mrs. A. E. Smith. The guests were:MesdamesCharles Wintergerst Glen Downev Milton Craig Armin OertelP. O. Shanklin Don E. LuntMissesBertha Weidenhaupt Dorothy Behler Helen McGAnty Ursula GatwoodPhyllis Smith.