Stumpp wedding announcement

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Times, May 15, 1935

;nufruit,odfishmilk,hardtoast,witharmedf pel-milk,Melba iroiled iplant is in fruit snowtIZEAnnouncementsDance will be held tonight by the Lauter Mothers’ Club at the club-rooms, 1309 W. Market-st.Catholic Young People’ Social Club of Indianapolis will hold a dance tomorrow night at Assumption parish hall, with John Gilligan chairman. Bob McKitrick's orchestra will play. Other assistants include Misses Rose Cleary. Ellen Marie Hoffman. Catherine Stumpp. Jeanette Cecil. Dorothy Huckleberry. Helen Huckleberry, Dorothy Holsapple, Eileen Lawn, Marjorie Meyer, Amelia Arvin. Rosemary Arvin, Rita Greenwood. Norma Bates and Monica Padgett; Messrs. John Murphy, James Wilkinson, Fred Wooldridge, James Cecil, Rudy Stumpp and George Powers.Auxiliary to Riling Station Union No. 18990 will meet at 7:30 tomorrow night at 210 E. Ohio-st.Mrs. F. ,G. Fechtman will entertain members of the Women's aid of j the Traffic Department of the Penn-j sylvania Railroad at luncheon tomorrow at her home. 910 Bradbury-av. Miss Helen Fechtman will di diam with No his i then tainl of spfirstmeatjack.Sospadspot,withgoodtract So ut bodylt;cMS.An be piof t:ians day i prese Bi] BettjJoan danc from will ] orchtA 1 -___