Marriage Clipping from Indianapolis Times, Wed, Dec 28, 1927.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Times, December 28, 1927

FORMER MINISTER OF AMOROUS FAME WEDS|tlt;South Bend Father of Ten, Marries Brother’s Divorced Wife.Bu Times SpecialSOUTH BEND, Ind., Dec. 28.—Wilson W. Culp, former ministerhere whose eloping complex in the last few years has given him a fair share of the spotlight, is on a honeymoon now. He was married in Chicago to Mrs. Dorothy Culp, former wife of his brother, Clio, with whom he eloped several times while here.Mrs. Mary Culp, first wife of the former preacher, and mother of his ten children, obtained a divorce from him two years ago after forgiving repeated elopements with Dorothy and one with a 17-year-old Xenia, Ohio, girl. Culp’s brother only recently divorced Dorothy.