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1994 Baseball Strike

Texas City Sun Thursday, December 22, 1994, Texas City, Texas

...four months known as the 1994 baseball strike. Because of their inability to reach a deal, it's... ...about to be the 1994-95 baseball strike. We suggest a game of Monopoly to the group so... Read More

Abner Doubleday

Syracuse Post Standard Friday, June 24, 1988, Syracuse, New York

...bat. Americans Love Legend of Abner Doubleday By JAMES McKEEVER The game of baseball was invented by... ...: A) Chico Escuela B) Abner Doubleday C) Alexander Cartwright D) The Baltimore Orioles E) None of... ...magnate Albert Spaulding "confirmed" the Abner Doubleday story. Legend has it that Double- day, later a Union... Read More

Alexander Cartwright

Indiana Gazette Thursday, January 12, 2006, Indiana, Pennsylvania

...It was either bank clerk Alexander Cartwright or Civil War veteran Abner Doubleday, whose greatgreat grandnephew is... ...who probably never heard of Alexander Cartwright, also didn’t want to accept the possibility that baseball... ...it somewhere along the way Alexander Cartwright, on the other hand, established many of baseball’s basic... Read More

American Association Baseball

Winnipeg Free Press Saturday, September 01, 2012, Winnipeg, Manitoba

...) Saturday Radio 6 p. m. American Association Baseball TSN Radio ( 1290) Fargo- Moorhead RedHawks at Winnipeg Goldeyes. Sunday... .... 1: 30 p. m. ( 9) American Association Baseball Fargo- Moorhead RedHawks at Winnipeg Goldeyes. 2 p. m. ( 6... ...Radio 1: 30 p. m. American Association Baseball TSN Radio ( 1290), CJ Radio ( 107.5 FM, 97.1... Read More

Babe Ruth

Charleston Daily Mail Sunday, February 28, 1954, Charleston, West Virginia

CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA February 23, 1954 SKI SOMERSAULTS sn ISSUE: Old Age-Part III- Mrs. Babe Ruth Hero's Story Marilyn Monroe  Read More

Ban Johnson

Salina Journal Monday, April 18, 1955, Salina, Kansas

...Proctor Richmond a onetime Hutchinson Ban Johnson baseball star and now manager of the Pratt Ban Johnson... ...to get some experience in Ban Johnson before the short jump into the pro ranks Ban Johnson... ...proximately 150 games a season Ban Johnson teams play under 50 The ages of the Ban Johnson... Read More

Boston Red Stockings

London Week News Saturday, August 01, 1874, London, Middlesex

...and position of the players : Boston Red Stockings : Harry Wright, captain, centre field ; George Wright, short stop; C... ...first base. On commencing, the Boston Red Stockings won the toss, and sent the Philadelphia Blue Stockings in... Read More

Branch Rickey

Pasadena Independent Tuesday, December 14, 1965, Pasadena, California

...dOME PEOPLE say that Weslev Branch Rickey brought Npgro Jackie Robinson imo major league base- ball because... ...was one compelling truili in Branch Rickey while he lived, one wonderful, sincere, genuine feeling, it was... ...a day, long ago. that Branch Rickey spoke of often. He was the baseball coach at Ohio... Read More

Brooklyn Atlantics

Winchester Star Thursday, January 10, 2013, Winchester, Virginia

...1865 baseball card of the Brooklyn Atlantics, discovered in a photo album bought at a yard sale... ...photograph from 1865 of the Brooklyn Atlantics amateur baseball club mounted on a card. The card shows... ...had another copy of the Brooklyn Atlantics photograph since the late 1800s, when it took possession of... Read More

Brooklyn Dodgers

Hutchinson News Sunday, December 26, 1999, Hutchinson, Kansas

Robinson breaks baseball's color barrier when he joins the Brooklyn Dodgers In 1947/H9 1925-1949 The world Into the Great Depression In 1929 after the stock market Read More

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