Entertainment Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Wed, Sep 9, 1959.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, September 9, 1959

WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 9. 1959Aplaque honoring petroleum pioneer B. H. van rter Linden and the discovery of one of California's most prolific oil fields, the 600 • milljpn barrel Ventura Avenue field, will be dedicated at Ventura Saturday.The dedication ceremonies at 2:15 p.m. will lie under the auspices of the Petroleum Production Pioneers. Ventura public officials and oil industry leaderse scheduled to participate.0. W. Chonette, president of the Petroleum Production Pioneers will be master of ceremonies. The 1 plaque will be located in front of the Alice Grubb Memorial Hallthe Tavlor lease west of theon tne Taylor lease west of Ventura-Ojai freeway.According to Mr. Chonette, the plaque specifically honors van der Linden but is also a tribute to allthe veteran oilmen who participated in the early petroleum activity in the Ventura area.Oil was oroduced in small*►was produced in quantities from the Ventura Avenue region as far back as the 1860's but it wasn't until the 1920 s that Shell Oil Company, spurred on by the perseverance Mr. van der Linden, finally proved the field to be one of California’s biggest.Mr. van der Linden, a native of the Netherlands, had convinced Shell to lease the potential oil lands of Ventura in 1916. However, about five years and two-und-a-half million dollars later,Shell was ready to write off Ventura Avenue as a poor investment, and would have, except for the determination of Mr. van der*AA§«lt;prpunidi:bamdicestiliearheciheCthalrrpisiPlt;clt;B, II. VAN DER LINDEN, above, is (he man responsible for Shell Oil's discovery of the Ventura field. He will be honored—Photo by Shell Oil Co.Mr. Chonette, district produc- Sheriff William E. Hill; Assem-chs!tion superintendent in Ventura blyman Rex Cunningham; F. W.nUfor Texaco, will dedicate the Hertel, division production manaPetro-Linden to prove that his faith in; plaque. Others scheduled to speak ger for Tidewater; John Cody, Ventura was well placed.Ironically, by the time that the success of the Ventura Avenue Production Superintendent F, oil field was assured, Mr. van der Schmieder, andadat the ceremony include: Mayor honorary president of the Charles W. Petit, Shell General inilmRoyW,Pinkerton.leum Production Pioneers; AlexLinden had moved on to head up Ventura Newspaper Editor.Robertson, honorary vice president of the Pioneers; Tom Selser,Shell oil fields in the East Indies. Guests of honor will include, president, Retired Oilmen’s Club;e later became head of Shell’s Superintendent of Schools Dean Ted Sutter, president, Baker Oil worldwide production operations. E. Triggs; R. L. Mobley, Ventura Tool Co.; and Paul Andrews, his-cri:tvbut frequently returned to Ven- County Taxpayers Association; torian, Petroleum Production Pio-turaCounty Assessor Harvey Boiler;'neers.Rpnpfirpnr in\A/:*L 4-UAJ C