Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press, October 24, 1953

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS, SATURDAY,.OCTOBER 24,.3953, FROM HERE TO ETERNITY can make a mockery of service tosheer cumulative suspense I™*'* uco“ntry^?r°™ HT To a 4 t.' JEternity bases indictment on anand for hard-hitting and American branch of the service, angry commentary on the de- but it is a charge that might well.cadence that can corrode army r* Shelled in a number of otherlife. From Herp To FtPrrrifv ?uarters 50 people hurling stones ji±*, • rtere 10 *ter™3Mhad better be prepared to duck atand Mr. Sinatra are mo “of-beat” that they will renew dwindling interest in bothplayers.The story manages to handle its main plot and its sub-plots without ever losing • the threads or dropping interest, Mr; Lancaster is the tough but fair-minded top-sergeant, Mr. Sinatra is Private Angelo Maggio, a hot-blooded gamin with a chip on his slooping shoulders and Mr. Clift is Private Robert E. Lee Prewitt, who does not mind being a good soldier but is completely unwilling to fall in with the army boxing team and is stubbornly ready to take the persecution designed tp break him down into the army mold of win-Lancaster becomes involved with the commanding officer's nymphomaniac wife (Deborah Kerr), CUft has a romance with an Island prostitute (Donna Reed) an Sinatra is tortured in the army's prison stockade. However, baldly stated,people, but it shouldn't. Sinatra from this reviewer's viewpoint, has always been an indifferent singer, but a fine screen personality. He has the underlying quality of pathos that makes a comedian great His, above all :haracteriza-the plot can sound like a rather tions in the film, is the best.routine affair. Such is decidedly not the case. The film gives opportunity, and room, for an examination into the lives and thoughts of these people,None of them, save Miss Reed (and in her case a too ingenu ish performance of the lady of theAs the sensitive, moody,Prewitt, Mr. Clift is a distinguished young performer, underplaying with perceptive strokes. Miss Reed‘is not happy in her assignment as the prostitute. There is still a liberal coating of upper .. crust hauteur to her playing of a young womanheart, soul and discernment' a film that will go down as among the best of 1953, and will certainly be a contender for Academy Award honors.streets has robbed it of most of of dim wits and humble past whowhich opened at the Odeon any coming in their direction.’theatre Friday, has never been equalled on the screen.. The James Jones best-seller Irom which the film was adapted was sluddea with four and five letter words and a spade was generally called a shove!. Unlikely as it seemed for consumption by a censor-ridden motion picture audience, a film has been evolved that is tough-fibred and compassionate. It has been stunningly acted, superbly directed and skilfully photographed against actual Hawaiian backgrounds.Although It is filled with incident, From Here To Eternity is primarily a film of characterization. It examines a group of United States army people on the eve ofPearl Harbor, and culminates intjie sneak attack by Japs. In doing so it puts a ruthless finger on sonic of the sore spots of regimen-i a firm and moral slackness thatThe talk in the picture is tough and earthy. The people it deals with arc human anti very understandable. For this is realism shot with pity and understanding. Most of the stars involved . . . and they include Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift, Deborah Kerr, Frank Sinatra and Donna It ecd..t have not been squeezed into the rigid mold of type-casting. They are given the opportunity to live and breathe in full-dimensional portraits of human beings. The characterizations of Miss KerrCLUB COPACABANATirfcete on sole forSADIE HAWKIN SAt DUNN’S TAILORS 263 Portage Ave.Pltk your Tickets up now ttnd ovoid disappointmentKERR SINATRAOff-Beat Castingning prestige for the commanding officer.its ’point) are paper-thli- puppets.Miss Kerr has been buried, for a long time, under a smothering blanket of Hollywood insulating wool. Here, as the faithless wife of a self-seeking and career-conniving army officer, she offers a deeply felt and convincing performance. She teams excellently with Lancaster, who is his usual robust self, but has a much better role than usual. Sinatra's role is his best to date. It should surprise a good manyhas found the easiest v.ray to make a living in the world. Mention must also be made of Philip Ober, as Miss Kerris husband, and Ernest Borgnine as the terrifying Fatso who overseas the prison compound.Fred Zinneman has diireeled withGranted Pay Boost In SaskatchewanREGINA (CP)—Salary increases for 3,000 Saskatchewan government employees were announced Thursday in a bureau of publications release.Extent of the boosts and total cost to the province was not made public. Officials said the increases varied too greatly in different grades to cite examples.Hikes, also were made in sustenance and hotel rates for civil servants' away from home and higher northern allowances. All increases art) retroactive to Oct. 1.FOR RENTTRIANON DANCE HALLand Coffe* Room 291 KennedyPHONE 42-7770J JeJf Chandler— Scott Urady “VAXKKE Bi:cCAREER” fCoJor)I'ftf'f lovvfnril^Tnnnl T plvh