Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Fiery Cross, November 23, 1923

THE FIERY CROSSA• • *ILadies AlLAAU^Hcdri Orchestra-V-• . rOrganized and directed by Rev. Charles H. Gunsolus, the Gunsolus AllAmerican Orchestra is rapidly finding a place among the musical organizations of Indianapolis. The orchestra is composed entirely of women and directed by a minister. The members are American by birth and are militant upholders of the Protestant religion. The orchestra has drawn together some of the best talent in Indianai and as a result is greatly in demand.Prom left to right the players are: Rev, Charles Gunsolus, director and organizer; Ella Mershon, trombone; Mrs. Fritch, drums; Miss Scott, cornet; Miss Dawson, piano; Telsie M. Garrett,'comet soloist; Lillian Ullrich, cornet; Ruth Elmore, clarinet; Pearl Butze, saxophone; Josephine Saylor, saxophone; Misses Freeman and Berry, standing, and Doris Dobbs and Gladys Woolen, violins; Miss Eva McPeek, banjo.