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Clipped from US, Oregon, Portland, Portland Morning Oregonian , November 13, 1919

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\'rlI Shipman* nr, ihr flppmr* In her *ml Mg-seest feature, +*rtnlt;rk to C*«mS** i ««nnlr? (M v*Mrl* «lll romim**’ to nhtsn at t t Its* t»|l»fitjr thrdtrr UU -HI tiimarrtit* inltlnl^Kt. TODAV'I? FILM FEAWRES. Columbia -— Marguerite Clark, *'t«uck In Pawnf Mit jref le—Ueorg r I,oa -*lt;- Tuck-er The Miracle Man/'Peoples—Mil Murray, Turin Pawn*/*Strand— .Madge Kennedy, In“Strictly Confidential/* Star—C r e I gft t o n II a 1 e Yvonne D«l va, *ThtsCUglr,” UJbtL rty—Nell Shipman, Sack to noil'ii Country/*SuMjrt—Churbe Ray, “The Lav of the North/* Ci rcl e—-Marguerite C 1 a r k e* •'Come Out of the Kitchen/* I f I ! ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 4 k I : i ♦ * * ♦ Lilwrrty,ORTLAKD is making the acquaint* anco of a new motion picture beauty and actress tbt* v. k through the Liberty theater feature. to Cod’s Country/* itarring Nell Hliipman. Mitts Shipman is not particularly new to motion pictures, but Back to tJods Country4* la her first big starring production. Melodramatic to the core, but convincinstrikingly artistic in curtain scenes and replete with novel features* her vehicle has given her an excellent opportunity for a r*:al debut. She has d^tuon-Pirated In till;* opportunity that flhe ha:1 not only the person ! charm but also the brains to warrant making her tilt1 center of :t big picture, Undottbl-ttdly more Xelt Shipman productionn will follow Back to God's Country/* and they will dttubtloas be exhibited in the largest and finest houses throughout the country. As Dolores*, the daughter of a Canadian woodsman, she is «hown as an outdoor grlr), a marvelous swimmer* a frit: nd of the *creat burly bear and her two cubs, and even of a porcupine. to say nothing of the d«»K h. squirrel* untl chipmunks which value her companfottehip. A (great surly be a t, of a mini, lacking aU the quiet, faithful qualities of her dumb friend**, breafc* into even tenor of ftolorc*' life. How «he escapes from bsm ufi'r he has killed her father and *hr i* ipparently In a foreign v. orld, only to find that the mim'B evil plans have ferreted h^r i«u* tnd a^ain brought tier and her hub band Into danger form;* the sior* of thla picture. Snow scene*, refreshing pictures of mountain streams and forest* and glimpses the strange life aboard ii whaling vessel in northern seas are but a part of “Bjnck to Clod's Cour*-try/* actera that appear In the picture newspapers throng bout the country, J*re moving to the motion etudfoa to ally th* ms^lv. s w^th J R, Bray’s comedy creations. Through a deal consummate lawt w« ek between Bray Pictures corporation and th- Ir*s?r-national Film company th© screen versions rf the popular newspaper per?,onaJlties will hereafter reach the public via. Goldwyn-Bray pictOK^Bphs and othsr Bra? releases. which are handled by the Goldwyn Distributing corporation. its One seen#* In Byes of Youth/* with Clara Kimball Voung, had to be photographed 63 tlines * * * Gladys Brock we ;A now announces h*rr Intention—no* not of flying to Ihe norfh polo or of purchasing a tr»uQ© tur coat, but of taking a course In scientific cookery, just like any ordinary girl- Oh. no’ I’m not p!i*»nitt.r to take up dnnif!“l tcit y ait a proTrnslon or adopt a family, or any such Hung.' laughed tlie «tiir when told utoout tier new bobby; but r fe*! that I want to be an all-around woman, for I believe that to be Kuch will make me a better nctresaORCHAR DFEARS RELIEVED Hood Elver Official Sa- Authrac-nnsc Can Blt;* Clit'ckfil Now. WOOI RXVKR. Or,, N'ov is,—(Special. I—Lelloy Chtlds, superintendent of the ITood River experiment station. t.un relieved fears of orc-:irdiBtA over anthmcnose. it was thought that growers, th^lr lime taken up With completing harv«‘i»t* might have awaited too lor pr for effective nppit- cations of spray In checking a spread of anthracnoac Hport??s, Mr. Childs says that he has heeri engaged In laboratory tests and ha* found that b*sa than 2 per cent of the Ht»or.*H have been scattered, despite the favorable warm weather. Therefore/* says Mr. Child?, Kpr.tyn applied at once will hr effective. Growers, however, should lose no time/';
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Portland Morning Oregonian,Portland, Oregon

Thu, Nov 13, 1919 – Page 9

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