Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press, May 31, 1946

WITH* PRANK. MORRISSmave her to heavenGene Tierney will be winningan Academy Award one of these days- She was nominated for one on the strength of her work in Leave Her to Heaven, the film which opened at the Capitol theatre on Thursday,She gives a good performance in the adaptation of the Ben Ames Williams novel, and she just misses giving a brilliant one. Perhaps it wasn’t her fault. The book from which the movie is taken was a well-written, but. shallow story about a psychopathic woman. The character of Ellen, who because of an insane fixation for heir father, plus a driving urge to possess completely the person with whom she falls in love, plunges a pair of innocent people intotragedy, is never wholly convincing.Gloss, But Not DepthAnd as the book missed makingEllen a believable person, so does the film. Director John MStahl, who spe-cializes in polite problem movies,| has given the| film gloss butnot depth. HeIf has at his command a scenario that follows the novel faithfully, save for a necessary telescoping of some of the incidents at the Gene Tierney end. Leave ‘.Her to Heaven 5s made of plush when it should have been made something sturdier. . .But with these reservations aside, it is an interesting movie, mainly, ■ as I’ve already said, because of Miss Tierney. She has acquired, through screen experience, a good deal of poise. She is brainy, and she knows how to put over her effects, but she is not completely able, as yet, to escapemonotony in her acting.Plenty of MelodramaThere is enough melodrama, and plot complications in the film to hold your interest. Richard (Cornel Wilde), a successful young author, meets Ellen (Miss Tierney), falls in love- with her, and marries her. So jealous is Ellen that she can't bear her husband's affection for his crippled brother, and mistakes his friendship tor her half-sister for something else. The whole movie ends in a tense court-room sequence.Mr. Wilde is just so-so As the author, and Jeanne Crain is too immature to contribute much to the part of • the half-sister. But there are excellent subsidiary characterizations . from Vincent Fiiee, Mary Philips, Ray Collins, Gene Lockhart, Darryl Hickman, Chill Wills and others.Please Come Home, NancyNancy Pyper, will you please come back to Winnipeg? We need you.Mrs. Pyper came to Winnipeg last week-end to adjudicate the Western Drama festival and, under one of the worst handicaps that can face an actress ... a bored audience . . . she wowed everybody. That is, all but a handful of people who have always thought Nancy too rich for their blood.For Nancy Pyper is a bravuralIt]