Entertainment Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Mon, May 1, 1961.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, May 1, 1961

Webern town s changeover from dictatorship to democracy. A k Y-Good. C-Mature.*nCHICAGOThe worldOXNARD — *7.and 9:58 p m.LittleSundaymiere of cartoonist tumed-play-wright Jules Feiffer’s first stage work, a satirical revue entitled The Explainers, will open May 9 at Playwrights at Second City, a new cabaret theatre on Chicago's near north aide.Feiffer, whose bit mg commentary on political and social trends in the U.S., has brought him international recognition as a satirist, was honored recently when his cartoon story “Munro” received an Academy Award “Oscar” as best cartoon short subject. “Munro”, was included in Feiffer * second book, “Pas-sionella.”(Feiffer's cwtoons appear on Saturdays in The Press-Courler. An extra panel of his art andcomment is presented on thispage today.)Adapted from some of his syndicated cartoon strips and books, including “Passionella, “Sick, Sick, Sick,” and “The Explain*Feiffer’s revue spoofsShop of Horrors’* at 8:47 p.m.“Black Sunday. Murky tale of witchcraft and vampires in 19th century Moldavia goes ail out tokeep you on edge of seat. A-Good. Y-Over 14 C-No.VALLEYWarr iorat 6:45 and 10:06 p m. “Herod the Great” at 8 33 p.m.Herod the lt;»r'eat.” Reasonablyaccurate English dubbed Italian film about the wily Herod's ef-forts to preserve his throne from conquering Romans and court in* triguers. CinemaScope, color. A Y-Good. C-No.101 DRIVE-INHandsDeck at 8.30 j m. “The Long Rope 1 »t 7 and 10:20 p.m.See Vogue reviews.“TheElmer»»ers, moviesociety in general.ie cast includes Paul Sand Close, Paddy Edwards. Johr it, Joan Zell, Judy Harris •les Lc-.vscn, Bob Camp anc Erhart.director of revues sister cabaretPaul Sills, at Playwrights theatre. Second City, also directed “The Explainers.” Original music was composed by William Mathieu and producers are Ber-SKYVIEW DRIVE-IN -Apartment” at 7 pm. 'Gantry” at 9:30 p.m.“The Apartment “ Witty, well acted film about infidelities of executives in New York office with secretaries. Ambitious clerk (Jack Lemmon) lends an apartment to bosses but regrets it when girl • Shirley MacLaine) tries suicide there. A-for Sophisticates. Y Jc C-No.“Elmer Gantry.” Sinclair Lewis* controversial novel about lecherous evangelist (Burt Lancaster) makes film of savage vitality. Jean Simmons plays woman evangelist as sincere trary to book. A-ExcellenL C-Mature.mumMinie Sahlins, Paul Sills and Howard Aik.After a three-month run in Chicago the Feiffer revue is scheduled to go on a nationwide tour and then open in New York Citynext winter.