Miami Herald Rio Bravo

Clipped from US, Florida, Miami, Miami Herald, March 28, 1959

.I.'ioI Iravo•WinsBy C.FORtiE BOl'RKKHtrtM Amiratnt UlltiRio Bravo, at the Olympia, Beach and Gables, is a tight, tense and yet frequently rib-tickling Western that has beenwisely cast with John Wayne, for the seniors; Dean Martin for the intermediates, and Ricky Nelson for the juniors. But even aside lrom thi-i thoughtful and box-office insurance casting. Rio Bravo has a raft of fine qualities entertainment-wiseHoward Hawks' direction is almost flawless with a tempo that injects humor, some dry some raucous, as a handy antibiotic for the story* frequent le\erish outbursts of violence.The story it a oneu ilh the true meat of the pro-('pfdlnis stemming from characterization rather than plotntri\ ance.In order, the players are John Wayne, as a sheriff whodefends Dean Martin, a former pun export turned barfly, andfinds himself with a prisoner accused of murder; John Russell. as the prisoners important brother who cant run Wayne; Ricky Nelson as a noncommittal youngster who is also no slouch with a gun, Angie Dickinson, as the lone lass in the footage, and Walter Brennan, as a cantankerousdeputy sheriii wiio resents his infirmity.That should set the plot foryou. Russell lays aiege to thetown to force release of his brother and in the crucible-like situation that follows Martin reclaims his decency, Nelson proses his maturity. Miss Angie finds reason to cut loose from her shady past, and Brennan satisfies himself and others that he is an able-bodied fellow. Ward Bond is on for a brief appearance — as a wag-on-master!On** of the rent winningN. MIAMIC c*ct f to*t dThC At«cft^ i I th At#KiMy Stow 1PM t* 4:1$WAi OF THI SATIUtTirPinOfUGOOM WIUS MASSACREHILO ovm 4:10 . 4 S0 . 9:20AUNTIE MAME”ff\ooAQveli jJiQal xe770 Arthur Godfrey Rd.JE 2 1561qualities of this “Western ’ is the reasonable way in which the minority force of lawthwarts the outnumbering forces of evil. .Guile and cuteKtrnmicK* arc allies ofWayne's grins in all the critical ahou downs.Photography is in color and there is minimum song by Martin and Nelson — and Brennan. Dimitri Tiomkin s musical score allows the plot to make dramatic use of a SpanishDeath March which was plav-ed for psychological elfoct bythe Mexican forces in the battle of the Alamo.~LE Jeune*♦ CNOS TONIGHT *SHOWN AT 7:00 - 10:14GART x MARIACOOFIR W SCHILLTHE HANGINGTREE••IN COLOR AT t:00 ONLY IRIAN KIITH • CAISAR ROMIRO• IVILLAixtra mu TONIGHTTO * LUCKY KIDDII—4 LIVI RIAL IASTIR DUCKLINGSHum DMVE-WrtfLOW79th St. *n4 M Am lITTli KIVIKMary Murphy * Mika ConnorsLIVE PAST. DIE YOUNG— Pint —I I 7 A kill A U