Entertainment Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Wed, Mar 16, 1966.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, March 16, 1966

EditorialsOXNARD FAR AND WIDIThanks to Harper’s Bazaar, Oxnard isnow widely known as THE place to go whena woman runs off with the Other Man, Thisracy cachet was bestowed upon the city ini story in the March issue entitled “PhilStacey and Why He feels the Way He Doesabout Oxnard, California,The way Phil feels about Oxnard is ambivalent, Naturally he resents the locale ofwhat was once upon a time quaintly called alove nest, but he can’t help wondering whatOxnard has that San Francisco, from whichhis wife so airily departed, lacks.Be that as it may, the only thing wrongwith the story was that it didn’t have an adfor industrial acreage nestled up next to itnstead of all those plugs for fashion and beauty aids.There’s an idea here. Maybe the nameOxnard can be planted in periodicals regularly.There are time-honored ways of publicizing a city. One is to send out pictures of prettyjirls in bathing suits. They could be pickinglemons or packing peppers or painting in thePlaza. Or even dashing in through the surfat Oxnard Beach.Another way is to send off through ihewire services stories like this: “OXNARD,r*alif. — The principal at Oxnard High Schoolis glad Tommy Brcwcz is a drop-out. Todaywhile girl-watching on Oxnard boulevard herouted three heavily armed bank robbers witha zip-gun concealed in his hair.’’Stories like that don't have to be true. Theimportant thing is to get them on the wires.Legitimate stories are used too. of course.Tnce the nation learned that the Oxnard ( ity jj,; I he point was to keep it from sounding likeled, with a picture.As for magazine publicity. Ihe Pressourier made The New Yorker once with aourier editor on its staff, made a featureBui where do we t»o from here?Council had deliberated lengthily and finally wi.hanged the name of Fir street to Fir avenue.thlt;* . ni;First street.) More recently the story of the musical nuns at St. John’s Hospital was car-buitplifie/pographical error that was funny and not lerely embarrassing. And old-timers will re-all that Time, which had a former Oxnard“r tto heuit of the death of Lucy Hicks, an Oxnard do man who masqueraded as a woman, catered ni parties, helped dress brides for their wed- ^ lings, and was caught only when he applied ^or an allotment as the “wife” of a soldier elf iverseas in World War II.iy.