Entertainment Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Wed, Mar 8, 1950.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, March 8, 1950

Hiah School Students Will Hear These Career Day Speakers TomorrowBONITA McFARLANDThe fact that Sunset magazine has twice taken pictures of the interior of her Somis home attests to the homemaking prowess of Mrs. Tom (Bonita) McFarland.Born in St. Louis in 190(5, shegraduated from the Academy ofthe Sacred Heart in 1924. Later,she took a pre-leg; 1 course at Washington University, and then switched to the St. Louis {Schoolof Fine Arts.Iii (Knard ClubsAlthough a Somis residentMrs. McFarland belongs to the Soroptimists, the Art Club, and the Monday (dub of Oxnard. She has one son, Tommy, 1(5.Her home and her art are her hobbies. She has attended classes conducted by water color artist Arthur Beaumont.HAL OLSENHal Olsen, 29. draws the layouts for the voluminous Bureau of Yards and Dock - supply parts calatoguc at the Fort HuencmeNaval Station.Born in Newark. X. Olsenattended schools in Fast Orange. X .1., and the Boston Mir cum of Fine Arts.He left his machinist-drafts-man job in Berlin, X H.. in 1913 to enlist in the Navv. An aviation machinist mute, instrument specialist, Olsen met his wife, the former Estelle Bobcek of Oxnard, while awaiting South Pacific assignment at Port Huencme in 1944.Thev were ma.rricd m 19 is and■'now live at 121 Alameda drive.Olsen is director of the Oxnan\ 11 Work hop.IWorth llalii11 \ 1 I ?( I % wJ t i a 1 j) ^ l - IWorth 1.1HiI €caretT wit \\ t In11ic* «»!fiom in•nauTii * * 11 'i 1 hitudvIlil (;lt; IV111S1Ca piano atigfLa1 f• ^ ft MlI poill.lt; )khaMaP). 191 I. 1: dr received Id 1 ’ SUniversity«uin m of Kansai in o nlt; lt;\11 \ cin 19:53\\ ILLI \M HALLIXLERWilliam Ballinger. assistant mar. tger at Hasco Junior Dept. Store, turned a part time job into a cart or.1 .earning base and tto play t\ ♦ t »l SM.)ilM t ] a U( Is, I i ‘r the f!\ir«i ' \ lt;«pal base forS\ mt honv lt;)rchlt;•U I %*'t he same for 11Ifphonv Orchestra inHe lt;rhtan ('(I ;iiM Athe Fnive1ifornia lasttvar. Befortto Oxnard he rector’ in the I ,lt;vvis a c\ngclI » w.Ballinger started to work for Rctseo while atending \entnra Junior College, lit* completed his iteral arts course last September and immediately .'topped in - i--i tant manaeei lt;*f the . tott *tLorn ill TciiiiC'sreBallinger wa born in Xash-viilo, Term., in 1927). lb* grati-uated from high ,-chool there in 1913 and joined he Army AirForce. He became a navigator on a B 29 and later* was navi-./atinn in.-uructor at McDill Field,famna. Fla.Following his discharge inl! 17, he worked a a railroad brakeman in Tennesee. Butone t-ild night, he decided te» seek a warmer climate and came tot )xnard.I b* marric. i I lit* flt;iruv i i ’lt;’.»! Seaman, and tire have a two-cck void daughter, Julia Mion.D. DREW erWill'llstring ;DU*\ Ia1 -\ C( 1 in i1 ll'i'Wth pm ;wiehpriuci- ;i om (,;tTLEI j 1 1VM\ aii(in Svm- ;/. (i k! a./. f?*Dnilt;! 1 ( ’ i I*|#■ai omin^*at.gw :ar a pIaaii (fi*U• *•1I Uiroauio t h c v miluren werewith tov:■, ( uimbv !).* V »i d ew it. t); nan 1 contractor, w ain 11.. ■ t fo n Ark , 3 !ago. Brewer was taught • « »--■ i * «j.4 • * * » • * « » » IXVv.(.v. y.■n *. ? *. iXVA’.Vv.v*vV.* • * » «V-\v.. *.ViV.*?1Il l) (OTLERX, J.. in 1913.11era i in at elt; iTed Cotier worked eight years i mamaer for the (5. H. Kinnev line company and another year' for Dr. Scholl’s corrective 'hoe company in all parts of the coun-ti v before deciding that Oxnardftwas the place to make his home.Colter and his brother Dave are partners in Cotier's men’sclothing store at 120 South At rect.From New .leisc*Ted was born in Bridgeton,tin construction trade by bis father, a road and bridge builder.i Tow or canve n ( alifo nia at 13 and worked in thlt;* Lo Angeles area and Bakersfield as a carpenter, lie and his wife. Elise, who were wed in Las Vegas, in 1911. settled in Oxnard four years ago and beganbuilding their first house at 1(50 Ash street.Home BiiiKingThev were persuaded to selltheir home and began buildinganother which they also decided to sell. Two c!' three homes later, Brewer turned contractor.The Brewers and their daughter. Sharon, six, now live at 1901 San Marino streetBrewer served over 3U vcars in the Army as a tech sergeant, 27 months in New Guinea.•xrvlt;xIS*■Iw-'A• lt;• • * ■• • •» a * -ViV« , . aVx-:a •_• 4 . •4Natfrom Minersvillc High Seim. 1 in Minersville, Fa., and then attended Nation lie S' • i.! ’Doyle.'town, Fa, :■ r two *■ t' During the war la* .'pent a v eat with the field artilh rv(’otler and his v i! , Edith.have three children. Ann, nine Stephen. ix. and Dough. . five month.'.( otler ha .'ling in a numberof mitMcal s ow.-, since coming to Oxnard.Use Press-Courier Want AdHOME INSULATIONROOF COATINGPaintingRedecoratingPHONEf.jP • J iyt* I Cl* Fst lilt!, . ti vNO OBLIGATION\YK SPECIALIZE ! \ HOMES Bl ILT OX CONTRA( T FOR IX 1)1 V3OCA L LOT OW \ ERS WITH INDIVIDUAL IDEAS.YOU SEE HOMES fit ! LT BY CARL L. IACR 7if \M ALL OVER OX N A ID, lt;OMFLET-ED, UNDER CONSTKCC-NON OR (C( I 1*1 ED in SATISFIED OWNERS.THESE HOMES RA\lt;3E UNPRICE FROM$5,950 to $17,000