My Four Years in Germany

Clipped from US, Oregon, Portland, Portland Morning Oregonian, June 24, 1918

Liberty.AH expose of the Gorman military and political machine and a very definite idea why the United St a tee le at war with Germany Ib presented In thej*llrrlnf picturiXAtton of AinhassadorJames W. Gerard’s hook. My Four Tears In Germany/’ which Is the unusual film attraction at the l^lbcrty Theater Ihltt week.All the wily diplomacy with whleh the head-' of the German nation nought to deceive iliti United States, all the atrocities witnessed by Mr. Gerard, such as the mistreatment of the Brit* ifih prisoners, the deportation of help-less Belli tan women, perpetrated without regard for any Hnac of international law—these and a targe assortment of views of allied troops on the march make capital Htielng for on© who goes into the theaier ready to have his emotions stirred against the commonenemy. .How anyone, no race or creed barred, could view this picture and not he thrilled is beyond conception. The portrayal of the Kaiser and his staff, thetreatment accorded the Russian andKngllsh prisoners by the Germans; thecapture and deportation of the Belgian women; the killing of the young and old; th© shooting of other prisoners en rout© to the prison camps to avoid feeding them; all these arc shown In a manner *thot can’t but bring: home the war to those who view this production.The war, with all its attending horrors. cannot appear pleasing to a beholder. but It is Interesting to learn atfirst hand just what our boy's’' are going up against, and the maatcrly struggle of one of them who promised dad I’d get six is realistic to the extreme. The la^t reel Is an answer to the German The American h won’t right.'* and a plcturUut Ion of Mr. Gerard’s reply. They won't. chT* Scene after Keene shows the United States troops training. marching, and the West Point cadets, in their wonderful machine-like parade, compare with th© Kaiser's finest hui-sara with their goose-step.”Halbert Brown, a man who might be mistaken for Mr. Gerard by his best friend, impersonates him in the picture. Routs Dean in th© Kaiser. Fred Hern Is Minister Von Jacfow, Percy Standing is Secretary Zimmerman n; Earle Schenck is the Crown Prince. George Riddell n Von Hindenburg and Karl Kane is Bethmann-Ifollweg,