Clipped from US, Oregon, Portland, Portland Sunday Oregonian, June 20, 1920

Cbtrl^s Rny and Ann May Pre-kfrn Amcrican-i renclt Piny.Strange fioundn cam® from thostud to lot.Vum Kinar.t moi?*'Absolutement! Js languLaantd'unnttr.HHeard by * French scholar, thisconversation would probably cause him to tear hi* hair at tho fearful manhandling of the l-inguage. But uU t«red by Charles Ray and pretty Ann May it Wiiti absolutely according to Hoyle. For Charlie w a* supposed to be an American doughboy and Itlsa May (born in Cincinnati! a French fIM They were conversing with the aid of a Pfe itch-English dictionary It all take* place In the new Ray Picture. ”Pari» nreen.” in which the youthful favorite win he aeon at the Liberty theater this week. The action start* in Par I*. Where he meet* hi* fair charmer. A transport carries the doughboy back home and.after hi* discharge. he return* to his tot! on the farm, But the girl from Parle come* to America, too. and soon eh t and the ex-«o!dier are In tho midst of thrill Inc adventure* not toapeak of budding romance.No screen actor ran bettor play tfe* “rube'1 than youthful Charles Ray. And no scene in recent Ray picture* has been a« realistically rural a» that of the country barn dance In ParisGrteB.The enormou* new dark *»ta*a atthe Ince studio was used for thefirst time In filming this scene. A larpft country furm whs exactly reproduced. Roffill browse In the Ifatolls. Chickens perch on the rafters,and hay Is stacked in th«* mow, Acountry orchestra famishes the music and various rural types dance theOld-faflhionelt;l dances and patron Uethe refreshment table liberally.BICCAXBERSLIVEAGAENTrcneuro I»l*Dd Depicted At Columbia Theater.Th^ bold buccaneer* of ‘TreasureIsland” live .i^ain In Maurice Tourneur's photoplay production of the Stevenson classic, which opened a Wdik's run at the Columbia theaterlast evening-. Mr. Tourneur is a maf-ter when it comes to turning: great sea Glories Into motion pictures. He proved it In ‘The Life Line” and Conrad** Victory.” Treasure Island confirms this conviction.The famous producer has retained OP the screen all the romnnco and villainy of the Spanish main thatairvertcon Knew «o well how to portray, In excellent realistic detail he has reproduced the old B?nbo« tnV-ern, where lived young Jim Hawkins and hi« mother, ’The coming of 0:11 Hones. tho raucous sea captain, and later of Black Dog; tbs fight over the sea chest and the capture of thechart ebb wins Ui« IccaUva of Cap*man, his rival for the girl's band. Cold type van hardly cOuvty to you the tttftnat# patho# and heart appeal of the episode wherein Jttbllo a«-aurnm blame for a crime h* did r.*tMtnmlt; the tragic spectacle of the lovable vagabond silently facing the •corn and contempt of thr girl ha loves and for whom tie h»^ made the sacrifice; the beauty and tendemvt« of the romantic tia^ses In wblrh Tubilo. bashful ntirl diffident, trier to voles his love after hi* speech andnerve have loft hltn.1 iMOM/rCttDDLK * AT MAJtl-TICIIILatest Fairbanks Picture Heoord InCost of Production,Douglas Fairbanks in Thd Molly-jcoddle/* his latest release. U at. theMAjestle this weskTwo request numbers will be playedby Cecil Teague In hi* weakly half-Hour concert to be giver, thli afternoon at 1:10 o'clock. They are BVippe's Llfiht Cavalry Overtur.,ybJcfc ho p|sycd winter, and tna