Clipped from US, Maryland, Baltimore, Baltimore Afro American, July 31, 1943

/Stars of “Stormy Weather”The Nicholas Brothers, Harold (left) and Fayard, now In the army, “fly through the air with the greatest of ease” in 20lh Ccntury-Fox’x “Stormy Weather” now showing at the Harlem Theatre. A crowd estimated at 40,000 persona have witnessed the picture, which closesthis Saturday night.iA Woman's View of//Stormy WeatheraBojanglcs a Good Lover Despite Arc Differences; Lena an Object of Beauty;New Day Dawns in FilmsBv EVELENA l». JACKSONWithout a doubt “Stormy Weather surpasses all other all-colored pictures this writer ever has seen. The acting, costumes, and scenery are superb.While waiting in line to enter the Harlem to see the picture, a conversation between two men and a woman ran like this:.VS Cents Too Much“I think 55 rents is too much to pay to sec this show., There is nothing to it. a guv told me. one of them said. I hegin to wonder whether disappointment awaited me the same as in “Calnn in the Sky.1' ~But after seeing ‘Stormv Weather.” I am convinced that thcjJe three people, too. must have changed their minds as Ihe show was well worth the price. The picture was highly entertaining, and depicted some of the prettiest girls of 6ur-ii|ee. —tNicholas BrothersThere have been comments to the effect that the Nicholas Broth crs stole the dancing part of the show from- Bill - Rohmsnh. Itmust be admitted, however, thal the boys were darn good and dis-never *!nore beautiful was any : woman than Lena towards the j end of the picture, appearing in j a white dress and large picture ;hat.unique dance stepsI-ena Held Hrt- OwnNo one stole the show from Lena Horne. She made. up for her failure to prevent Ethel Waters from stealing Ihe spotlight from her in Cabin in the Sky. She pul everything she had into this picture to keep her 011 top as the ^tar.The role she played in “Stormy Weather lar surpassed’ her com monplacc part 111 “Cabin in the Sky” for which she was not’well suited.She was well-chosen for her role, in “Stormy Weather andRobinson played the romantic ’ lover of Miss Horne in an excellent manner Age differences didn't take away from the romantic angleRill Still C.oodDespite the fart that Bill' lt;TS’«ln1fl do any unusual tap steps, he still showed grace and poise and carried the same winning personality as in his more youthful days.“Stormy Weather definitely ^ has a plot, but not the old “Uncle ” Tom type, which has marked the production of former all-colored shows, and was devoid of the ! abominable church scene anti bandana-wearing singers.Above Unde Tom Show*“Stormy Weather has' transcended the trite and slavery type ' of acting. It definitely is the bc-gimng of a new day for colored . actors and movies in keeping with ; ■ modern times.The—plot of • the -picture-;—woven— around the life of Robinson, from his appearance as a soldier hack n—HHft. dereloped into a iwim— tiful musical comedy that is vet to he surpassed by any all-colored production, despite iLs minor faults ___'Wilson, Cah CallowayDooley Wilson was great, just as I exported, after seeing huh in “Casablanca He displayed acting technique and cleverness throughout the film.(.‘ah Calloway. Baltimore's own gift to the screen, was never belter in his acting^ The 7.001 suit he wore has yet To he heal, while he user! his jive and clowning technique as only Cab Calloway can.