Clipped from US, Maryland, Baltimore, Baltimore Afro American, July 24, 1943

Thel(Continued from Page 1) # *|Tiarlcm'Theatre management. I,, along with thirty others, saw a* preview Monday evening of the • much talkc.d-about Lena- Horne vehicle. ' Stormy Weather.'* This Twentieth Century Fox production is highly entertaining. [La Horae’* singing, much of the dancing, the staging and scenery tcere all beyond my ex- pectationj. Strangely enough, ' though, the only spontaneous ajiplause from the prci'icio audience iras after an iulrtcate , dance number by the Nicholas ■ Hrolhers tclio are superb. Ditto the Key DmJinni dancers.But. on the other hand, there ( was Bill Robinson's wide grin. I could count on my fingers the , number of times he was NOT j grinning.from ear to ear. Seeing him opposite La Horne is like sec- ( mg Lionel Barrymore in a ro- , mantic role opposite Dorothy ( Lamour. The combination does , not gee. . JThe flicker is much better than [ the others starring an all-colored, cast have been. But I’m still con- j vinced that- coiored -people,- like other ./Vmcriciim._wani_pic:iurcs J that glorify character. • .The conked hair and zoot suits are definitely not flatter- j ing and there are plenty of 1them in Stormy. Weather. But, alt in all, the movie Is a step in the right direction. Let's hope there will *be more and that they will improve.See Stormy Weather anyhow. You’ll spend an entertaining hour and a half, thanks to Lena Home.