Entertainment Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Fri, Jul 2, 1965.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, July 2, 1965

inilWN ( VSHSespe fire blamed on singer's car1 S Korosti \ officials todayv’- -,. ■) , •* .•311' T- • .4^ ‘mUF-.s ■ ■ *♦ .. «•* vr-jjpointed iho tinge?* at Western mngei .1 ohnn\ t ash a^ driver ot tin \• *hilt; l«* that started Iasi Sund.iv s hrr on the I pperSespe hi ’h( I os Padres Nationa I forestThi bia/o sprung up about I If) last Sunda\ afternoon nearthe Sweetwater eampgi minds and due ktned )lt;ts acres duringjSlIk rif \i two days while a lorn*, up to I 0 mm. eight aor ial tankoi s and tom holu optot s toughtto contain it Fire fnv osfigator Mol\ in Hid good said Pash, of f'asitas Springs, was driver of the ( amper pickup w hit li go! sfut k in tfa s.md t’ash wa^ attemptji g to mi*: the motor to yet theti U( k on- and Mm muffhwtouched the dr) gras and sotit on tiro. Ridgood said( ash and he two passengers,Damon Polder and Jim Hyatt, of ()ak \ low attomptod to boat on’ Hie Hames with a keeping bag but tho hla/c got away from thorn Ridgood said Hosaid ho would make out a trespass report which ho would forward to San Kranciseo fortho regional attoinev to lake furl her at tion. if an\lt; «iMi * ecen i l\ recorded King , Of PlH