Entertainment Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Thu, Dec 25, 1969.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, December 25, 1969

Osmond BrothersAlways TogetheraHOLLYWOODBrothers, who months out of the vear reallv don't miss their home or theii family.“Our whole familv travels toThe Osmondj “He’s drum crazy,’ Wayne travel mnr|added incidentally, Alan won'ti-ell you this about himself, but IP ie helps us with ouf phrasingl-and acting. He’s good at per-orming, comedy sketches, andtielaliy.n-gether. said 18-year-old Wayne|'mPersonait'onsesadesalntinh.reOsmond ‘ Home is where you make it. We’re really always together. I’m thankful and happy to be in this career as a family.In addition to Wayne, there are Alan, 20, Merrill, 16, ,Tay, 14, Donnie, 11, Marie, 0, and Jimmy, 5, who, together with Mom and Dad. make up the traveling family. Tommy, 22, is going to college and Virle is marriedlt;eThe singing group consists of Alan. Wayne. Merrill, Jay, Donnie. Jimmy and, sometimes, Marie. The Osmonds got their 0f start as a foursome with Andy jJWilliams, about five years ago They continue to appear with him on “The Andy Williams s|Siow,” colorcast Saturdays over the NBC Television Network .reinillinirEverybody Helps“We all help each other, said Alan. “Merrill seems to be the best dancer.Wayne’s our saxophone expert,” Alan revealed. “When Jimmy was born and gave his first cry, mother said, ‘I’ve got another tenor!’ He’s our soul singer. Donnie is more or less our lady killer.”Their mother makes sure that their education is not neglected.“She’s very education-minded,” said Alan. “She started to teach us with tapes. Jimmy learned his multiplication tablesthat way.We’re all going to professional college this year,” said Wayne, “including Mom Dad.”Enjoy PhotographyWhen the youngsters home, they like to work their recording equipment in the studio which they built. Their home sits on an acre of land with many fruit trees They all enjoy photography and develop their own pictures in a dark4 4andarewithftieroom which they built. TheyA couple of us [also have two dogs — Lady,have problems with this, and a Belgian police dog. and Fuji,he works with us till we get an Atata. jit. Merrill-also started the banjo “Jay likes dogs,” said Alan and taught us a few chords. “If you can’t find him, he'sI taught Wayne guitar and 1 usually in the dog house,”taught Merrill the bass, but he The Osmonds come from Utahsurpassed me.” where they lived on a farm. IThe Osmonds have 26 instru-' “We each had our own dogs.”j~ ments between them. said Alan. “We also had milk“Jay is self-taught on the cows, sheep, chickens, ducks,drums.” Alan continued “He billie goats and rabbits Those watched every' drummer and were fun days ” suddenly he was doing it. A lot Do they miss “the good old 1 of drummers ask him for les- days’* roifori “No,” said Alan. “Each dayipolwe look forward to something pla new.” the“I agree with Alan.” said Satsons now All he wants Christmas is another set He has two sets now. He woke me up this morning playing drumstheWavnesou