Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, December 16, 1965

Oxnard woman creates fashions in miniatureK\ MARION NICIIOLS*One of Oxnard’s newer residents shares her home with about 400 other occupants.Mrs Daisy Houghtaling moved here in September bringing with her a collection of over 400 dolls, most of w hich she has dressed with clothes she has made herself, and her Siamese cats. Her favorite dolls are the Madame Alexander She usually buys the un-dressed dolls, preferring tofashion the clothes and add accessories made from jewelry.keychains, bits of fur. etc She has won five ribbons in the Los Angeles Hobby Show and several in the Pomona Fair.In the collection are a 50-year-old French porcelain doll, a nun doll from Quebec, Scottish. Polish, Spanish and Portuguese and many other countries’ dolls.Mrs. Houghtaling’s doll clothes have earned money for her. too. She made clothesfor two doll shops at onetime.Indiana and Wisconsin were the places Mrs. Houghtaling grew up and she met her late husband in Michigan. They lived in Lansing about .10 vears. Thev and their two bovsWand daughter came to California in 1041 for a visit and stayed in the west, living al-tematelv in Phoenix and LosAngeles.Not content with dressing dolls and normal household tasks, Mrs. Houghtaling also makes scrapbooks of Christmas cards. She has given many to the Crippled Children’s Hospital and to dentists to use in their office waitingV *. * . V- A #•* * * . •. a *. * O'rooms to occupy ch ildren. Sh' also used to make dresses for little girls in hospitals Her home on Bard road is graced with many oil paintings. done in a very delicate style Mrs Houghtaling does mostly'pastoral scenes. One is of a house with a beautiful garden in front, all done in the tiniest of strokes, and withlovely use of color. There isalso one of cows lying in apasture, which is outstanding Among Mrs. Houghtaling’s treasures is a personal note from Mme. Alexander. Mrs. Houghtaling sent her a clip ping of a story about theprizes her dolls had taken and Mme. Alexander wrote thenote and sent her an originaldoll.Mrs. Houghtaling said she is finding many friends in Ox nard and attends 50 Plus Clubactivities.Oxnard is lucky to have such a talented woman in the community.MRS. HOI (.HTALIM. doesn't just dolls. Here she looks through onefour scrapbooks of Christmas cards.collect of her almostentirely made up of the Santa Claus themedones.iUul hills