The Vixen

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Majestic. i Th*' serpen hn* many cofld women, but only n few bad ones worthy of the nam* Th* da Bara I.*- th*? woist of lhem alL voinr'i^f-t” vampire extaal, so /several thousand people floated over Th^da the Home Wrecker at the Ma-J» *tlc Titrater yesterday, and offered up thanks t William Fox for returning the seductive **sh e-devll” to her element. ’ 1 After a lay-off of two pictures, or i crimps it was three, during which Theda typified all that was noble. got*lt;i and seltf-ancrtHein®, she rilruss herself vritU abandon Into her heavy stuff in The Vlx« n M She glories In her con* Oiiests over nn*n, and victimises them for ambitious reasons or merely Tor the sake of victory. Of course the Judicial ending of the 'lefiion-teAehinjt variety, atones for the hectic color of men Lhan four reels., 3U-. Bara plays the rol* of Elsie Druniniond. Elsie tries to take away Martin Stevens from her sint* r, Helen J Sue jsucce-ds. hut The man loses hU money and is cast off. Then who mtKts Murray, enothvr admirer of her sister'*, and marries him. After years of Europe. EL*ie. her husband, and their children, return to Washington, and th*- woman discovers that Stevens Is wealthy n^a4n and trying so win Helen's hand- But Helen Is cynical and Elsie at tbt* Juncture, tries to lur»-Stwsns to her side again, But he Is angry at h^r former a non ar.d wishes t* denounce Elsie. Helen int':rpo*e* to 1 ittvo Elie‘s home frum disruption, and ,;
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Portland Morning Oregonian,Portland, Oregon

Mon, Dec 4, 1916 – Page 6

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