Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press, April 24, 1941

Hy FRANK MORMSSIf you want nn antidote for the blues in these troubled times there's rto better picture to see than The Lady Eve. The film, which opened j in Winnipeg, Thursday, is a carefree farce with no other mission than to entertain. It a ecu m pUshcs I this handsomely on all counts. !Although* the film co-stars Bar* j bara Stanwyck ijturcs such clever |Charles Coburn, MKv.Eugene Pallctte.Wm, Demarcst, k iTIand Eric Blorc, yAthe honors real- • Ml« £§1ly go to Prestonr«ctcU t!,e llcury Fund*JIIOVIC.You may remember The Great i McGinty and Christmas in July, in which SUirges xvorked hi:; directorial magic. Things arc rapidly getting to the sh«ge where people will he talking of the Sturges touch in films, just as they speak of the j' Lubitsch and Hitchcock touch, for Sttirges never says things in an ordinary way if he can help it. He points a situation up with an unusual little twist, he embellishes a comic sequence with a deft musical background and he gets results j from his cast that one never expects. Henry Fonda, for instance, • has never been noted for his comic j gifts, and neither has Barbara j Stanwyck, fur that matter. ;Farceur* of the First OrderBut in l-ady Eve they prove to be farceurs of the first order. As for the supporting cast. Eugene Pa 11 cite has never been better and William Dcmarcst is marvelous as • Muggsy, the tough valet. Charles. Coburn and Eric Bio re are also first . rate.Mr. Sltirgcs, w ho knows that the * *hortcst point between two laughs I Is a custard pic in the face, 1ms not forgotten to include a sprinkling of slapstick touches. Mr. Fonda accomplishes comedy U\Ws with the skill of an acrobat.The plot has to do with an innocent minded heir to a beer fortune who becomes enmeshed in the wiles of a pretty card sharp and her companions. Love makes an honest woman of the cheat, but she has a bard lime convincing the object1 of her affections that she has Idropped her gold digging habits. All this may sound pretty routine—but it isn't; not the way Mr. Sturges tells it. at any rate.