Westfield Riot

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Oct 15, 1867 Crime Clipping by Walter F.
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Walter F. Jul 29, 2018

Clipped from US, Massachusetts, Boston, Boston Post , October 15, 1867

Clipped by Walter F.

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RIOT AT WESTFIELD. •f Stair CrMtaMr* «• • IjiaiaSiiM Hi [ProBQ die Svrinfteld nepnhlicnts, 14th.J Ose o» the meet eeriout note that ever oc^cd in Euland — ~ Satnrdaj night, and reeuUod in the death of ono of the eitiaene of the town. The oauee of the disturb-»Bce wa! a well planned and skilfully executed mid ^ r ^^ ---- wpc'D • notorious gambling cios, the raiders being a partv of SUte Constabularj, under the direction o! i^uijr ^amuci c oapiD 01 ini^ crij, wuo claioi^s that the kiHm^ was plainly an act of .^clf-iefencj on big part. The particulars of the aflPair, from begiaoiug to ead, are given by the con.^tablcs as foUowg;:— ° Mr Chapin, iu company with Coogublos II. 11. Billing, ol this city, Carlot C. WeilmaD, of Holyoke, and A. K Flaggy oi Wiibrabaoiy left thig oity, tbe party having two buggies, about half-pngt Saturday evening, for Westtield. Mr Chapin oarriefl in his pocket a warnint, issued by Justices Widoon VVells, of Springfield, aud Porter I'nderwood, or Uolyoke, coni-■MDUing him to search the house which was afterwards visited, seize all the gaming ttupiements whidi •ould be ibond there, and arrest the pci sons engaged La gambling at the time. The cons^bles were in no burry, and arriving at Westfield about 11 o’clock, they saw ii^ts in the room in the geejnd story of the old ** Park House,” where they supposed gambling was going on. The building fronU the green, being located on what is known in WMfiAia. n« •lt; now, ano is tnc tourih building trotn Maiu street. The owner is ilasw^l Loomis and the proprietor of the gambling heJi visited is Charles Poatci. About a quarter fast 11 the constables, unhemlded and unexiacied. wf-nt. nn iKa frrxni Ibe buiUing. Tiicic^ were two doors betwoeu the atairwmy and the rcoui where the gamblers were at play, but, as lack would have it, both wore at this lime open. Ihey pasi*ed in at the Grs? uuhcari, but before they could re*ich the ec^'gid the gamblers gut wind of their nuu approach and uddeuiv siaainic-l the inside aocr in ilicii taws, lae Cunsiibles, how. •▼er, were not to be bluffer! in this way, but puehe-l •l»n the doe r by foroe an i lound ihcmtcU-os in the Kidst ol a Very H\ely lt;ccne, ll :boy ha-i had any doabt that the pUR.' wn r.kd frr gaming, it was dispelled by the ccinpleu* app :ratut lor plariig far which lay uncunocabxi ixiure ihem. A* the MUie time the gamblers in groaf al.:ru' wen uKi\ia - ©very poeeible eltort to esca|e- When the eoi^.lt;tih\es fifvt entered the rot'U.i as ina:.y as I. lo wcie there, Out before the ofhccr*^ c- ul 1 v. I'-iv the mo -?tlt; ©f tncoi, ioeluding I csltr, the pivpnetor of the pluce, escape I by going out u|»on a sloping wo-?u^n pi^ri^a over the sidewalk, and jump.ug tueucj Im luc gruuad, Ei-bt, however, wtre Siouivi, and with i.iem ai.ruc 3tKI chips,*’ a ciu -kivcer an i other laiuloai.Hit*^. c;
Clipped by Walter F.

Boston Post,Boston, Massachusetts

Tue, Oct 15, 1867 – Page 2

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