Clipped from US, Indiana, Connersville, Connersville News Examiner , October 10, 1922

j oranytter mid r if i U» v# v * vr aV»V4 |#U*^ter-thepre-to-orn-ictst in■n fill ow re-Of redUILTY PLEAthe*gis-ectees-theperi.gis-thepor-forLfer-sredtheoner eg-anaper i ere last res-heir icie, [art-urgIn10.whoarithitev. hoir fills in t ay-one, tess, mty:adotherthefur-stlybyvinztheearltep-Case Against Otis Perkins To Be Heard ThursdayMorningMeeiWhTWO ABE FINED FOR FIGHT!Ellis Perkins And Greene Steele Each Assessed $25And CostsOtis Perkins pleaded not guilty when arraigned in police court on $500 bond and the trial was set for Thursday morning at 8 o'clock.Ellis Perkins and Greene Steelepleaded guilty to charges of assaultand battery and were fined $25 and costs each, making a total of $70 for the two fines. Greene and Perkins brothers were arrested Sunday night by members of the police department* The three men were drunk, according to the police, and were lighting on Kentucky avenue. A large crowd was attracted by the fight which the police stated was the bloodiest encounter they have seen recently. Steele’s head was badly cut, requiring treatment at the hospital. The three men were held in jail Sunday night. Ellis Perkins and Steele were released uil. der $500 bond* yesterday, but Otis Perkins was held in Jail this morning.In entering his plea of not guilty this morning, Otis Perkins stated that a half-pint of white .mule whiskey, which was found in the Perkins home Sunday night, was the property of Wallace Edmonds and Kenneth Hues. He also stated that Edmonds and Hues gave him, his brother and Steel several drinks Sunday night. G. Edwin Johnston appeared as his ^attorney.It is understood that Prosecutor Sparks .will introduce evidence to show that the bottle was taken from Otis Perkin’s pocket at the time ofthe figfat. ^- Caused By LiquorIn passing sentence on Steele and Ellis Perkins, Mayor Clifton stated that the fight was caused by the liquor. He also said that the officials have heard considerable complaint inthe past regarding shooting in that section of the city. He said, however, that he understood that Otis Perkins had been mixed up in the, shooting affairs. He added that a recurrence of the trouble between the men would result in the court passing .out some “vacation” sentences.Ellis Perkins laughingly told the mayor that he and his brother-in-law were always quarreling. Perldn’s wife is Steele's sister.Wi]S ter-bu■i Churt contin is it t tion, sentecg regai Ire I tahlis bers ( many for T; friend is a 1lt; fiuenc furtb* the cDur fiourif ilies i to wo it is : low n vices serve* Opi way 1 mise obliga institi the b for th to att Th€ I settlememts the ir meeti Tho2 house and v of thlt; revive munitCLE TRNE' Formlt; Franc heStatesCol. Ij f riend this (is 82 ; morei strenti[ tell ttI tremei * war. “Tt an in tions, his o I$a vi five d will g that lt;visitiithe^flt;