Clipped from US, Indiana, Connersville, Connersville News Examiner , October 9, 1922

E, INDIANA, MONDAY, OCT. 9, 111 of i i£.withen-l-itedlian-' of was Ma-etedandtheder-L OfAn-:imefor-5,E.r to ena, iere ugi-Mc-'e is ir in tionTHREE ARRESTED- *. George Greene Steele AndOtis And Ellis PerkinsInjured In FightxvSTEELE GETS BSD CUT IN HEAD5 *«■ • lt;Weapons And Quantity OfWhite Mule ConfiscatedVHearing TuesdayProsecutor W. E. Sparks filed ail affidavit in police court this afternoon charging Otis Perkins with Illegal possession of liquor. He also filed charges of assault and battery against Ellis Perkins and George Greene Steele. Ellis Perkins andSteele were released under $500^ • »bond each. Otis Perkins is still in jail.George Greene Steele, 1722 Ken-lucky avenue, and ,Otis and Ellis Perkins, 1333 Illinois avenue, were arrest-ed by the police about 9:30 o'clock last night, following a fight on Kentucky avenue in which Steele was badly wounded and the Perkins brother^ were severely cut and bruised. The fight attracted a large crowd. The men are being held in the local jail pending hearing Tuesday morning. Prosecutor Sparks stated that charges will be filed some time today.Following the arrest Steele was taken to the Fayette Memorial hospital for medical attention. Six stitches were required to close a gashif igraiNe^Besiiu his head. His head and body were woi badly bruised. The Perkins brothers to i were taken directly to jail and Steele \ was removed from the hospital later j e(^ in the evening.installc-Continued FightingThe arrests were made by Patrolmen Hong, Worley, Derringer/ and Smith. Ellis Perl escaped from the scene of the f kat and was captured a short time later by Patrolman Worley. The officers stated Otis Perkins and Steele- continued to strike at each other after they hadbeen arrested and placed in the police car. They also stated that the three men were intoxicated at *the time of the arrests.The officers confiscated a flat-iron, a pocket-knife, a coffee-cup and a pint bottle partially filled with white mule whiskey. It was reported that Greene's injuries were inflicted with the iron. The cup and the white mule came from the Perkins home, according to the officers. When Patrolmen Worley arrested * Ellis Perkins he found the pocket-knife in Perkins’s jhand.wIt is reported that the fight followed an argument regarding neighborhood affairs.clos \1Xnotbermaibe \ P theadv peri the exp one pro lievwill booChB