Clipped from US, Iowa, Davenport, Davenport Daily Gazette, May 26, 1858

tween them,—Chicago Trib.Wilkinson’s Body Found.The body of Boyd Wilkinson was found yesterday morning (Friday) about eleven o’clock, by Mr. John Quaintancc, who had been on the search for five days. It had lodged against the limb of a tree, and was head and shoulders out of water. The locality of the discovery' is in “Horse-Shoe Band,” and probably three to four miles, by river, from where Wilkinson got in. He was discolored and swollen,as a body would naturally be after exposure to the action of the water lor nine or ten days.Dr. McGovern, County Coroner, and a jury of medical gentlemen held an inquest in the afternoon, but we are not officially informed at what verdict they arrived, but probably, simple death by drowning.—Iowa City Reporter, 22dr The following, from the Reporter of, is the verdict of the Jury:Coroner’s Inquest State of Iowa,Johnson Co. An inquisition hoi den on the bank of the Iowa River, in Johnson Co., on the 21st day of May- A. D. 1S5S, before C. C. McGovern, coroner of said County, upon the body of Boyd Wilkinson, there lying dead, by the jurors whose names are hereto subscribed.The said jurors upon their oaths do say, that from the evidence before them, they believe the said lioyd -Wilkinson came to his death on the 11th day’ of May, A. D. 1858, by drowning, caused by the felonious acts of F. M. Irish, Henry Gray, A. Curtis, Samuel Shelladay, Daniel Marshall, Charles Dow. - Rawson, Brown,Pliillip Clark, James Taylor, John McGuire, Peter Conboy, and others unknown to the jurors, about thirty-five persons in all-Said party having seized and with a strong coid tied the arms of the said Boyd Wilkinson behind his back, forced him by threats and violence into the river, thereby causing the death of the said Wilkinson. In testimony whereof the said jurors have hereunto set their hands the day and year aforcsaid-J. Norwood Ceark,J. R. IUrtsock,J. N. Seydel.CHAS. C. McGOVERN,Coroner of Johnson Co.Attest,iur. x and acti than hif and he almost of his were kc was darmanner.Anotldetennilished.My Icome, awords c perfonr not failWhe: dead in in Sew the PotHave hare pupacket 1 heart, a pricked oaken c “Henry . Let xj coffin d»no pornj he willI endray sist« have wy'ou rea they wi from hu dilation not to I no fricnexcept 1 ray dyii for mot married she has never Inimoney, til that if she di to her f God i all mengiveness err shill from tin that I h